<em>You Look Familiar</em> <em>You Look Familiar</em>
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You Look Familiar

I’m a sucker for retro-styled animated music videos. So despite the fact this video has been featured on several other websites, I felt it was worth a spot on Cartoon Brew. The song is You Look Familiar by Team William, and the video was directed and designed by Belgium duo Michélé De Feudis & Joris Bergmans:

  • Mitch Kennedy

    Pretty wicked!

  • Looks great.
    If you like this, be sure to check out Mika’s Lollipop too!

  • Isaac

    Thanks Phil! That Mika video is exhilarating.

  • Rio

    I loved it!

  • Great job guys! =D
    Belgium ftw!!


  • Matthew

    Makes me think of this retro cartoon video from Sir Tom Jones:


  • It makes you smile, darn ya, smile.

  • Thanks guys!

  • John Carey

    Bountiful visual invention contrasting against a desperate, catchy tune. Irving Berlin would puke all over his keys and that’s what we really need to see.

  • Ben

    Actually, yeah, I like Mika’s video better. Not that Team Williams isn’t cute too, but I like the quality of Lollipop better.

  • There’s so much one can do with some indie songs, the visual capabilties are endless! :)

    I wanna work on a music video.

  • Great job, Keun!

  • Brad Constantine

    fun stuff!

  • Ben

    That Mika video is really great. Thanks for sharing!

  • Emily

    That was really fun to watch, and had a great design! Nice work!

  • nice one these lads are on the way to great things i predict!

  • Peter

    I love the Sun trying to stay in camera.