Your Chance to Make The Ultimate Music Video Your Chance to Make The Ultimate Music Video
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Your Chance to Make The Ultimate Music Video

I have a feeling that 2009 is going to be an awesome year. The new year is only three days old and already amazing opportunities are popping up in my email. Just this morning, musician Nigel emailed me about his cartoon character Surf Rat and he wants ME to animate him! I’m a little busy at the moment so I’m going to make one of our readers’ dream come true by passing along this once-in-a-lifetime deal. Act now before somebody else scoops up this hot item. Here are the details:

whats up my name is nigel i just finished my debut album “Planet earth” you can check out some songs on MySpace. im promoting myself as a hip pop surfer and am having a drawing put together of a surf rat. my debut video is going to be called space beach. i have an amazing concept and marketers who are ready to take this to a huge level if i can create a video of this. i need a cgi or cartoon animator who can turn my surfrat into a music video its only for half of a the video. email me as soon as you get this i would love to see your work. [email protected] thanks a lot, nigel

This is a preview of the song you’ll get to animate:

  • You mean I’m not the only guy he asked?

    2009: The Year of Heartbreak.

  • FP

    It looks as if the guy is singing from inside a giant baby bed.

  • Paul N

    Nah, not a baby bed, this guy’s street – he’s chillin’ at his ‘rent’s place in the ‘burbs.

    But he’s street…

  • VT

    The music has a lot of visual potential, though I’m not so keen to use his Surf Rat character.

  • Sunday
  • Amid you’re naughty.

  • I’ll do it!

  • Bob Harper

    WTF ? Cartoon Brew is now being sponsored by Craig’s List classified section?

  • I hope someone animates him a shirt.

  • captain murphy

    That ain’t no Baby bed, thats his crib!

    For the live action portion he has to be both a Buster Keaton stonefaced character, and a homeless beach bum, playing against himself.

    The rest of it will look like Jamie Hewletts Gorillaz, except with surf rats from space. There will be plenty of chances to repeat walk cycles and make strong rhythmic statements.

    Abstract rather than literalize the lyrical content as much as possible. Make fun of ‘tude.

    Okay, get cracking.

  • Early April Fools?

  • Egads. Some people get exactly the internet fame they deserve. Or something like that.

  • Marcus

    That is truly awful. Death to dj music. THEY PLAY RECORDS. That’s about it.

  • “if he’s payin’ then i’m animatin’! that’s the only way it’ll happen.”

    but seriously, the music isn’t so bad. it’s just 20 years too late. he could have taken a ride in the vanilla ice bandwagon and made a few bucks.

    sometimes it’s good to collaborate with musicians but only if you really like their music (and their attitudes). otherwise, “no money no honey.”

  • come on now he has an amazing concept and marketers who are ready to take this to a huge level …. I’m definately in, I don’t think I ever saw a huge level before

  • Dennis S. says:
    “sometimes it’s good to collaborate with musicians but only if you really like their music (and their attitudes)”
    youtube does not do the audio justice though

    I really wanted an animated video for this song when we released this album. The song is called “Dead Famous” imagine being able to assemble any past musicians of any genre.

    or any of our songs for that matter. hehe so shameless.

  • captain murphy

    Marketers ready to take this to a huge level is exactly why Rap flourishes. It flourishes because the middle man can take so much off the top while the ‘artist’ never sees a dime beyond a temporarily increased lifestyle, and a few hundred people in club gigs, where people are hanging out anyway for their own ‘business’ reasons. The kids doing Rap are so entranced by the bling they do not realize they are taken for a ride where they will be in debt in a year or two.

    On the record sales side, physical Rap CDs still sell, because it allows superwoofing car thumping denial of authority, in a land where the only people buying CDs are buying some Shit Kicking Flag Waving Bigot, or Some Dope Fly Pimpin.

  • For a second I thought I was on Craigslist.

  • I always thought animated music videos were a great idea for both musicians and animators. (And *insert shameless plug* I have cranked out a few myself.) Labels tend to have problems with them when the musicians get relegated to the background. Then you have THAT conversation: “We really like it. But could you re-do it so we see the band more.” I have been thinking of setting up a youtube channel with nothing but animated music videos. Any ideas?

  • pat

    STEALER! I thought of surfing space rat first!!!!1!

    Haha the music could have been embarassing too, but clubs play much worse

  • Odd way to presentation in the video, but the song is OK. But what happened to the dudes MySpace? It says that the membership has been cancelled.

  • FP

    This guy should hook up with the ROCK AND SOUL guys.


  • All that ruins this almost perfect is the fact that his song is halfway competent.

  • pat
  • Rodan

    CGI? This guy’s expecting a lot…. When I was in HS I use to make flip it books…maybe if I send him one of those he’ll be happy…

    Maybe stop motion? I HEAR RAY HARRYHAUSEN’S not doing much…

    I wish I had the time to do a Surfrat film.

    HAPY NY 2 YA

  • jhonen

    i think that this sounds great. i think the rat surfer idea is awesome. are you looking at a “rat fink” or “superjail” (check out super jail on adult swim) look? there is so much you can do with this. you’ll find someone great to help you out. we all are in need of jobs now that the recession is hitting us. for everyone else here that’s making fun of it, get out of your parents basement already and joint he rest of us. let’s make some new talented creations this year. let us animators take a stand and start taking back our jobs instead of having big execs hiring movie actors who now all of a sudden write screenplays. good luck!