I’m telling you for the last time! Tomorrow afternoon, Saturday September 16th at 3:30pm, a once in a lifetime screening of all six Hollywood cartoons made in 3-D (featuring Popeye, Casper, Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Donald Duck) – cartoons by Chuck Jones, Ward Kimball and Walter Lantz during the 1953-54 3-D movie craze – along with six other rareties from around the world, will be shown at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California. If you live in this area, I insist you attend. Due to the technicalities of showing these films, and the negotiations with the dozen copyright holders, this compilation of films will not be repeated anywhere in the world, ever. Here is a great way to see all of them in one sitting – and the chance to talk about it all afterward with a large group of likeminded folks.Join us!