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Animated humanoid automobiles aren’t new – (Friz Freleng’s STREAMLINED GRETA GREEN (1937), Tex Avery’s ONE CAB’S FAMILY (1952), and Disney’s SUSIE THE LITTLE BLUE COUPE (1952) – not to mention Hanna-Barbera’s WHEELIE & THE CHOPPER BUNCH (1974) and Ruby-Spears’ TURBO TEEN (1984) – are several prior vehicles in this genre) – but as usual Pixar has put a fresh spin on a classic concept and made it their own. Yes, I saw Disney/Pixar’s CARS this weekend – and it’s great.It’s been a year and a half since the release of THE INCREDIBLES. A year and a half filled with the likes of VALIANT, HOODWINKED and THE WILD. CARS reminded me, in many ways, of what separates Pixar’s product from the rest of the pack. Other producers simply take a premise, hang a lot of one liners and gags on it – and vocalize it with an all star cast. That’s what Hollywood sees when they watch a Pixar film. However, one of the secrets to Pixar’s success is that their films contain larger themes woven within the surface story. Subtexts that really enrich the film and leave you with something to think about afterward. This time, it’s not just about talking cars, it’s about Route 66, and about a part of America that we’ve lost. It’s about how the race we all run is not the most important thing in life. It’s about slowing down and stopping long enough to admire the view.I highly recommend CARS. It’s another triumph for Pixar. (No automobile pun intended)

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