Are you a PINKY or a BRAIN?We had a contest this morning and the first ten readers who answered any one of the questions below won a DVD prize.

The questions (and answers) were:1. What Warner Animation employee’s caricature was the inspiration for the look of The Brain?
Answer: Tom Minton2. What is Brain’s country music name?
Answer: Bubba-bo-bob-Brain3. What famous film comedy is “King Yakko” loosely based on?
Answer: Duck Soup

THE CONTEST IS NOW OVER! No more entries accepted.The first two winning BRAINS were Tyler Sticka and D. Brown (who got the new PINKY AND THE BRAIN dvd Collection). The next two winning BRAINS were Scott Underwood and Robert Palmer who will get the ANIMANIACS collection). And the next six PINKYS were Jared Norby, Eric Emin Wood, Ellen Yu, Ralph Bingham, Alicia Wishart, and Michael Nusair – and they are getting my home made WORST CARTOONS EVER collection (2006 edition). PINKY AND THE BRAIN and ANIMANIACS are available from Warner Home Video at fine video stores near you. THE WORST CARTOONS EVER (2006) can be purchased here.(Thank you Earl Kress for providing the questions)