I had a theory years ago… the greatest generator of modern Hollywood movie ideas must be the plot synopsis sections of Leonard Maltin’s 1972 book, THE GREAT MOVIE SHORTS. Throughout the years I noticed things like the plot of THREE MEN AND A BABY seemed to be taken directly from the Three Stooges short SOCK-A-BYE BABY (1942); THE GOONIES had the same story as Our Gang’s MAMA’S LITTLE PIRATES (1934); and NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION followed the same senario as the Hal Roach/Charlie Chase short ON THE WRONG TREK (1936).Now listen to the plot for the latest Wayans Brothers movie, LITTLE MAN:

A wannabe dad (Shawn Wayans) mistakes a vertically challenged criminal on the lam (Marlon Wayans) as his newly adopted son.

Wow, that sounds awfully familiar. I just hope they give credit to Michael Maltese and Chuck Jones. It’s the same plot of the 1954 Warner Bros. cartoon Baby Buggy Bunny.(Thanks, Gerson Koenig)