Esteemed animation historian Michael Barrier has commented on his website about the John Sibley article in the new ANIMATION BLAST #9. Here’s what he says:

So far I’ve read Pete Docter’s piece on John Sibley, the Disney animator, in Animation Blast, and it’s an outstanding piece of work – lots of good research (I shared with Pete excerpts from some of my interviews, as I’ve done with Amid and John Canemaker and other writers I respect), wrapped up in an article that conveys extremely well Sibley’s strengths as an animator and his characteristics as a person. Pete is himself an animation pro, the director of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., and it’s tremendously encouraging that a leading professional at the leading animation studio has such a strong sense of his medium’s history.

If you want to see what he’s talking about, order your very own copy of BLAST 9 HERE.