Ben Washam (Or Mike Fontanelli?) Ben Washam (Or Mike Fontanelli?)
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Ben Washam (Or Mike Fontanelli?)

No reason for this post, but I just wanted to share this cool caricature of animator Ben Washam by fellow Chuck Jones unit animator Abe Levitow. Click on the drawing to read Washam’s ‘Cartoonist of the Month’ profile from the April 1960 edition of the West Coast animators’ union newsletter.

Ben Washam
  • This is so great to see!! I was one of Ben’s first students that he taught (free of charge) in his Laurel Canyon home back in 1967. It was one of the highlights of my life, and I still have the animation board that he made for me for that class. He had a fantastic sense of humor, and told us stories from his Warner Bros. days as all the animators sat around the conference table coming up with the never-ending story boards of the Road Runner series. What a great guy he was – and I learned so much from him!!