osblb.jpgHere’s a highly recommended item I found at the comics shop this week: The Big BIG LITTLE BOOK Book by Arnold T. Blumberg. This is a highly enjoyable, thorough, full color illustrated “Photo-Journal Guide” and history of the Big Little Books (and assorted related items) published by Whitman, Western, Saalfield, Dell and others, mainly in the 1930s (though all the 1960s, 70s, and recent items like Star Wars and Xena BLBs are listed here).This book pictures every BLB ever published with it’s front, back and spine (see above), and is divided into sections (for example, “Cartoon Characters”, “Felix The Cat” and “Popeye”) for easy reference. There is an index and a history of the series – and plenty of classic movie, comic strip and animated character material to enjoy. Pure eye-candy! 270 pages in full color – for only $20 bucks ($13.97 on Amazon). Big Little Books are fun – this book is even funner!