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The theme this week on is animated shorts built around racial stereotypes. Our buddy Emru Townsend of fps magazine is providing the guest commentary for the cartoons, which he’s calling “Black Comedy”. Emru writes:

It’s nowhere near the kind of comprehensive look at the topic that I’d like, but hopefully it’ll provide a jumping-off point for discussion.

The cartoons available for download include the very first Looney Tunes – SINKIN’ IN THE BATHTUB, Ub Iwerks’ LITTLE BLACK SAMBO, Tex Avery’s ALL THIS AND RABBIT STEW, a Famous Studios Bouncing Ball cartoon JINGLE JANGLE JUNGLE and Van Beuren’s very odd Tom & Jerry-in-blackface PLANE DUMB (featuring the voices of forgotten vaudeville comedians Miller and Lyles). They don’t make ‘em like this anymore – and never will again. Take a look, then discuss the pros and cons on ReFrederator.