Yesterday, Amid and I joined Roy Disney, Don Hahn, David Stainton, Leonard Maltin and several others at a preview screening of a wonderful new Disney short, THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL, based on the classic Hans Christian Andersen story. We’ll discuss the film in a forthcoming post… but while there we heard some news we hadn’t read elsewhere: Starting this summer, Disney will be making all its Oscar-winning (and Oscar-nominated) shorts available on iTunes – for Internet downloading to iPods and the like. Yes, Der Fuehrer’s Face will be available to carry around in your hand – along with The Three Little Pigs and Destino. The films willl be released in waves and not all at the same time. In the summer, a DVD boxed set will be released with the same content. This is great news. It’ll be fun to have It’s Tough To Be a Bird on my iPod.