Several days ago Amid posted some harsh reactions to Disney’s new 2-D short, The Little Matchgirl, screened at Annecy. I saw the film a few months ago at the studio and I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The Little Matchgirl is a sweet film, filled with beautiful elaborate images and teriffic traditional animation. The fact that it was finished at all under the old management is a minor miracle. Thankfully this won’t be the last 2-D film the studio ever makes – and it’s certainly no disgrace to the great Disney brand name. Bill Desowitz wrote a good behind the scenes article (with clips from the film) over at VFX World. Ron Barbagallo has an extensive interview with director Roger Allers here. It may not be as artsy as Destino or as dazzling as Lorenzo, but I have to give the studio some big points for making the effort to keep the hand drawn art alive.