The Esurance animated commercials – produced by Ghostbot and Wild Brain – look great, but are they good at selling car insurance? Ad critic Seth Stevenson doesn’t think so and he’s penned a lengthy complaint on SLATE about these commercials:

On the Esurance Web site, you can watch an ad that shows Erin battling robots in a Wild West shoot’em-up; another where she clashes with ninjas who are breaking into an art museum; and still others that I just don’t get at all. Yes, in each spot the dialogue makes salient points about the benefits of Esurance. But those confusing, busy plotlines drown out the message. While we’re hearing this: “At Esurance, if we can’t give you the best deal we’ll show you where you can – and help you buy the policy right away,” we’re seeing this: a robot, in a cowboy hat and duster, firing a machine gun at a woman with pink hair. Wha?

(Thanks, Weston)