sky blueBack on Aug. 7th I raved about a new “anime” film from Korea, SKY BLUE. The visuals are incredible and the story, though familiar, is very well directed and animated. I recommended seeing it in a theatre, and here in L.A. the film opens this Friday (December 31st) at the Nuart Theatre.You can preview the first 8 minutes exclusively on Earlier today, the fine folks at Landmark Theatres and Maxmedia offered our readers free tickets. Ron Amorim, Brad Bradbury, Ken Gadoua, Mark Maxey and David Vallone won our little contest. SKY BLUE is a spectacular film and I really recommend it you check it out.Nuart Theater
11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, just west of the 405 Freeway
West Los Angeles, CA
(310) 281-8223