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Here’s an update to our earlier STORY about Drew Carey’s live-action/cartoon series. I’ve heard from a few folks close to DREW CAREY’S GREEN SCREEN SHOW and they both have similarly depressing news about the show’s future. Says one source: “Yes, we are contractually finishing up our last episode this week and then we’ll be disbanded like a Peruvian brothel after a police raid.” Says a second source: “I would say it is cancelled; they dropped it a few weeks ago, after the fifth episode. However we are still working on it to finish up the contractually obligated 12 episodes. So there are more left (I’ve seen some of them and as a whole they are funnier than the first five), but when they’ll ever air is a mystery. Even though some say it is on hiatus I feel it is like BATMAN BEYOND’S hiatus – a show every one swore wasn’t cancelled but when was the last time you saw a new episode air.”

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