At long last, Bill Plympton’s latest animated feature HAIR HIGH premieres tonight in New York City. It is screening for one week (Oct. 18-25) at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater (155 East 3rd St, between Ave A&B). This is, in my opinion, Plympton’s strongest animated film to date, featuring a compelling narrative in addition to loads of great laugh-out-loud visual gags. The film is difficult to describe though this synopsis does a pretty good job: “An outrageous Gothic myth from the 1950′s, HAIR HIGH is the legend of a teenage couple murdered on prom night who return as undead skeletons one year later for revenge. The film is a unique romantic comedy with a zombie-horror twist.” Plympton makes the idea work and he makes it work well.

Every guest at the premiere tonight will receive a drawing from Bill, and he’ll be making additional appearances at the theater throughout the week. Cast members and other guests (including the “Krazy Kock” chicken mascot) will also appear at the premiere. Online tickets can be pre-ordered HERE. The official film website can be found at