hemandvd1.jpgCONTEST OVER!Okay He-Man fans – this one was for you. This morning, the first two readers who sent in the correct answers to the question below won the complete Season One HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE dvd box set (containing 33 episodes, two documentaries, scripts, storyboards, collectible cards and more). Directors Tom Sito and Tom Tataranowicz autographed these sets exclusively for our Cartoon Brew winners. In fact, Tom T. came up with the trivia question himself:

The Question: What was the name of Orko’s girl-friend?
The Answer: Dre-elle.

Our winners were Evan Laundrie of Anaheim, CA and Liam Harrison of New York, NY won the prizes. Thanks to all who entered! I didn’t know there were so many He-Man fans reading this blog. It scares me.