herbscannell.jpgThe big news in kidvid land today is the departure of Herb Scannell from Nickelodeon. Herb was, for the last ten years, the top guy at Nickelodeon and one of the true good guys in the business.I met Herb before I got involved with Nickelodeon, and he was always interested in hearing what I had to say – though usually it was about reviving the Terrytoons library that the company owned. Herb had an open door policy and would listen to (and carefully consider) any and all new ideas. When I worked for the company between 1994 and 1997, I saw him take the reins from Gerry Laybourne and move the company to even greater success. He was a unique executive who had vision, determination, and a heart.I’m sure Herb is going off to bigger and better things – but I know he will be missed by all at Nick.
Good luck Herb!