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Old Brew

I’m Selling a Piece of TV Advertising History

Old Pro

I’m selling the original “Old Pro” model sheet artwork on eBay right now. It’s a prime example of Cartoon Modern styling by one of the most prolific studios of the decade Playhouse Pictures. The character, which was created for Falstaff Beer, was among the most ubiquitous characters of the 1950s and 1960s, and appeared in literally dozens of commercials (many of them directed by Bill Melendez). This is the final model of the character–it’s a large piece that contains 13 delightfully rendered drawings of the character pasted onto posterboard. (There’s a detailed description of the piece and its physical flaws on the auction listing.) I’ve always enjoyed the piece but haven’t had the space to give it the proper framed treatment. It’s time to set it free from my storage and get it into the hands of somebody who can really enjoy it. The auction on eBay ends on December 5th.

Old Pro
  • I got Bobe Cannon’s Ford Dog presentation board and the original concepts for the Lucky Charms Leprechaun at the Playhouse sale.

  • Alfons Moline

    This model sheet looks familiar to me… and probably to other animation fans as well: it was reproduced in John Halas’ now-legendary book “The Technique of Film Animation”.