Old Brew


Here’s a few journal comments from various Pixarians who attended THE INCREDIBLES wrap party a couple weeks ago: “The thing that struck me the most about the evening, aside from Sunday morning’s hangover, was how much joy and pride the entire company took in the film. There was genuine excitement from people who didn’t work on it for the people who did. All of you out there, you don’t know what’s about to hit you. You can’t possibly imagine … X) I have to bite my lips … can’t say more. I have been eagerly looking forward to seeing this movie ever since I saw the designs around 4 years ago (while at Pixar working on FINDING NEMO). I am happy to say that even though my expectations have steadily being rising over the past few years, THE INCREDIBLES didn’t disappoint on any level. The production design, character design, animation, and story are all fantastic. I haven’t enjoyed a movie so much in ages. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it breaks records at the box office.

And just for the hell of it, here’s a wrap party pic of director Bird with animators Victor Navone and Dave Mullins.

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