Once again it’s time to plug the ongoing 52 week project of Basic Hip Digital Oddio – their KIDDIE RECORDS WEEKLY archive/website devoted to showcasing classic 1940s and 50s children’s recordings (and their packaging: the covers, sleeves and labels). Each album is available to download and the selections have been remarkable. Disney soundtracks for SONG OF THE SOUTH and SALUDOS AMIGOS, the original Dr. Suess recording of GERALD McBOING BOING, Mel Blanc as WOODY WOODPECKER are among the recordings of interest to animation buffs.Two interesting finds among the collection: IT’S FUN TO EAT (1946) by Winston Sharples, features Jack Mercer on vocals and sports a Jim Tyer cover (above, signed on lower left as James Tyer) and label. Also note BELDA TALKING COMICS (from 1949, audio to be posted week 40, on Oct. 3rd) featuring artwork by Melvin “Tubby” Millar (of Termite Terrace fame), with vocals by Daws Butler and Marvin Miller.