The main contents of LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION Volume 3 were revealed last week on various websites. Sixty classic Warner Bros. cartoons, lavishly restored, will make their dvd debut on October 25th. A list of the 60 cartoon titles are posted here.However, the set contains many bonus items just as coveted as the cartoons themselves. What follows below is a partial list of the extra materials you can expect:philbert.jpg• PHILBERT – a rare 1963 TV pilot (Theatrical version)•Private Snafu in GAS
•Private Snafu in RUMORS
•Private Snafu in SPIES•POINT RATIONING OF FOODS (a rarely seen wartime short released 2/25/43)• THE BEAR THAT WASN’T (the 1967 MGM Cartoon by Chuck Jones, based on the book by Frank Tashlin)•THE BUGS BUNNY SHOW – “The Honeymousers” (Production #1822 telecast 7/24/62)•STORYBOARDS (includes deleted scenes):
1. SINKIN’ IN THE BATHTUB (1930 – first Looney Tunes cartoon)
2. IT’S GOT ME AGAIN (1932 – pictured above, the first Warner Bros. cartoon nominated for an Academy Award)• New Documentaries on:
1. Frank Tashlin
2. Black & White cartoons
3. Restoration of cartoons
4. Pepe Le Pew
5. The Bugs-Elmer-Daffy Trilogy
6. Looney Tunes Go To War
7. Birds Annonymous tributeAudio track commentaries by:
Joe Dante (Porky Pig’s Feat)
John Kricfalusi (Wakiki Wabbit, Porky’s Party, A Gruesome Twosome, An Itch In Time, Falling Hare)
Bill Melendez (An Itch In Time and Falling Hare with John K.)
Eric Goldberg (Robin Hood Daffy, Duck Rabbit Duck)
Daniel Goldmark (Pigs In A Polka, Swooner Crooner)
Paul Dini (Super Rabbit, Rocket Squad)
Greg Ford (Hare Remover, Hare Tonic, Hare Grows In Manhattan, Daffy Duck In Hollywood, She Was An Acrobat’s Daughter)
Mark Kausler (Porky’s Romance)
Milt Gray (A Gruesome Twosome)
Michael Barrier (Bowery Bugs, Hillbilly Hare, The Coo-Coo Nut Grove, Odorable Kitty and Walky Talky Hawky)
Eddie Fitzgerald (Wakiki Wabbit, Claws For Alarm)
June Foray (The Honeymousers)
Jerry Beck (Hollywood Capers (with Martha Sigall), The Wabbit Who Came to Supper (with Martha Sigall), Birds Anonymous (with Art Leonardi), Gonzales Tamales (with Art Leonardi), Philbert (with Art Leonardi and Trustin Howard) and I Haven’t Got A Hat)And more!