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ltcg4.jpgWarner Bros. has announced the November 14th release date for the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 4. See the trailer here. The contents have been leaked to TVshowsondvd.com and I recommend going there to read the full list of the cartoons that will be included on this volume.As usual, the 60 uncut digitally remastered cartoons are only half the story. The other part is the bonus materials that enhance our appreciation of the Looney Tunes legacy. Here’s what they are:BUGS BUNNY – Disc 1Commentaries
&#149 Rabbit Hood by Director Eric Goldberg
&#149 Operation: Rabbit by Writer Paul Dini
&#149 Mississippi Hare by Director Eric Goldberg
&#149 Hurdy-Gurdy Hare by Writer Paul Dini
&#149 8 Ball Bunny by Historian Jerry Beck
&#149 Rabbit Romeo by Actor June Foray and Historian Jerry BeckAlternate Audio Programs
&#149 Operation: Rabbit Music and Effects Track
&#149 Knight-Mare Hare Music Only Track
&#149 Southern Fried Rabbit Music and Effects Track
&#149 Sahara Hare Music Only Track
&#149 Barbary-Coast Bunny Music Only Track
&#149 To Hare is Human Music Only Track
&#149 Rabbit Romeo Music Only TrackBehind the Tunes
&#149 Twilight in Tunes: The Music of Raymond Scott
&#149 Powerhouse in PicturesBugs Bunny Superstar Pt. 1 (1976 documentary)Fifty Years of Bugs Bunny in 3 ½ Minutes (1989 short)The Bugs Bunny Show
&#149 Ballpoint Puns Bridging Sequences
&#149 Foreign Legion Leghorn Audio Recording SessionsTrailer Gallery
&#149 Bugs Bunny’s Cartoon Carnival
&#149 Bugs Bunny’s All-Star RevueFRANK TASHLIN – Disc 2Commentaries
&#149 The Case of the Stuttering Pig by Animator Mark Kausler
&#149 Now That Summer is Gone by Historian Michael Barrier with Director Frank Tashlin
&#149 Porky in the North Woods by Animator Mark Kausler
&#149 You’re an Education by Historian Daniel Goldmark
&#149 Plane Daffy by Filmmaker Greg Ford
&#149 Cracked Ice by Historian Michael Barrier with Director Frank Tashlin
&#149 Puss N Booty by Historian Jerry Beck
&#149 I Got Plenty of Mutton by Filmmaker Greg Ford
&#149 Porky’s Poultry Plant by Historian Michael Barrier with Director Frank Tashlin
&#149 The Stupid Cupid by Director Eddie FitzgeraldBugs Bunny Superstar Pt. 2 (1976 documentary)Porky and Daffy in “The William Tell Overture”Frank Tashlin’s Storybooks
&#149 Little Chic’s Wonderful Mother
&#149 Tony and ClarenceFrom the Vault
&#149 The Goldbrick (1943 Snafu short)
&#149 The Home Front (1943 Snafu short)
&#149 Censored (1944 Snafu short)SPEEDY – Disc 3Commentaries
&#149 Cat-Tails for Two by Actor Stan Freberg and Historian Jerry Beck
&#149 Mexican Boarders by Filmmaker Greg Ford with Director Friz Freleng
&#149 Nuts and Volts by Animator Art Leonardi and Historian Jerry Beck
&#149 The Wild Chase by Writer Paul DiniAlternate Audio Programs
&#149 Cat-Tails for Two Music and Effects Track
&#149 Tabasco Road Music Only Track
&#149 Mexicali Schmoes Music Only Track
&#149 West of the Pesos Music Only Track”Friz on Film” (A new one hour documentary)From the Vault
&#149 90 Day Wondering (1956 Army reinlistment film by Chuck Jones)
&#149 Drafty, Isn’t It? (1957 Army recruitment film by Chuck Jones)CATS – DISC 4Commentaries
&#149 Conrad the Sailor by Filmmaker Greg Ford with Director Chuck Jones
&#149 The Aristo-Cat by Director Eddie Fitzgerald
&#149 The Aristo-Cat by Filmmaker Greg Ford with Director Chuck Jones
&#149 Dough Ray Me-ow by Historian Jerry Beck
&#149 Pizzicato Pussycat by Daniel Goldmark
&#149 The Unexpected Pest by Actor June Foray and Historian Jerry BeckAlternate Audio Programs
&#149 Cat Feud Music Only Track
&#149 The Unexpected Pest Music Only Track
&#149 Go Fly a Kit Music Only Track
&#149 A Peck of Trouble Music and Effects TrackBehind the Tunes
&#149 One Hit Wonders
&#149 Sing-a-Song of Looney Tunes
&#149 The Art of the Gag
&#149 Wild Lines: The Art of Voice Acting
&#149 Looney Tunes: A Cast of ThousandsFrom the Vault
&#149 Porky’s Breakdowns
&#149 Sahara Hare Storyboard Reel
&#149 Porky’s Poor Fish Storyboard Reel

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