volume 2Our friends at TV Shows on DVD.com scooped us yesterday with some new details on the LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION Volume 2. However, I must give our loyal Cartoon Brew readers an advantage – so here are some further details on the bonus materials to be included on V.2 (keep in mind that the following is NOT a complete list of bonus goodies – more to come!):31 Audio Commentaries1. The Big Snooze – Bill Melendez
2. Tortoise Beats Hare – Mike Barrier (with Dave Monahan)
3. Slick Hare – Mike Barrier (with Paul Julian)
4. Bugs Bunny Rides Again – Greg Ford
5. Gorilla My Dreams – Jerry Beck
6. The Heckling Hare – Greg Ford
7. Broomstick Bunny – June Foray
8. Beep Beep – Mike Barrier
9. Whoa Be Gone – Greg Ford
10. Stop, Look & Hasten – Greg Ford
11. The Dover Boys – Mike Barrier (with John McGrew)
12. Mouse Wreckers – Greg Ford (and Chuck Jones)
13. A Bear For Punishment – Mike Barrier (with Chuck Jones)
14. Tweetie Pie – Greg Ford (and Friz Freleng)
15. Ain’t She Tweet – Greg Ford (and Chuck Jones)
16. Kitty Kornered – Mike Barrier (and Bob Clampett)
17. Baby Bottleneck – Michael Barrier (and Robert Clampett)
18. Old Glory – Jerry Beck & Martha Sigall
19. The Great Piggy Bank Robbery – John Kricfalusi
20. Porky In Wackyland – Mike Barrier (and Bob Clampett)
21. Book Revue – Mike Barrier (and Bob Clampett)
22. Corny Concerto – Mike Barrier (and Bob Clampett)
23. Hollywood Steps Out – Greg Ford
24. One Froggy Evening – Mike Barrier (with Chuck Jones & Mike Maltese)
25. What’s Opera Doc? – Chuck Jones, Mike Maltese & Maurice Noble
26. What’s Opera Doc? – Daniel Goldmark
27. Show Biz Bugs – Greg Ford (with Friz Freleng)
28. Rhapsody Rabbit – Daniel Goldmark
29. Back Alley Oproar – Greg Ford (and Friz Freleng)
30. The Three Little Bops – Jerry Beck & Stan Freberg
31. You Oughta Be In Pictures – Jerry BeckFeaturettes1. A Conversation With Tex Avery (6 mins.)
2. Looney Tunes Go Hollywood (8 mins.)
3. Crash! Bang! Boom! The Wild Sounds of Treg Brown (10 mins.)
4. The Man From Wackyland: The Art Of Bob Clampett (20 mins.)
5. It Hopped One Night: A look at ONE FROGGY EVENING (6 minutes)
6. Wagnarian Wabbit: The Making Of “What’s Opera Doc?” (8 mins.)Music Scores1. Hyde & Hare – Music
2. Baby Buggy Bunny – Music & Effects
3. Bunny Hugged – Music & Effects
4. Broomstick Bunny – Music & Effects
5. Guided Muscle – Music
6. Gee Whizzz – Music
7. There They Go-Go-Go – Music
8. Scrambled Aches – Music
9. Zoom & Bored – Music
10. A Bear For Punishment – Music & Effects
13. One Froggy Evening – Music
14. The Three Little Bops – a. Music Only b. Freberg vocals only
15. What’s Opera Doc? – a. Music only & b. Blanc & Bryan vocals onlyBONUS SHORTS will include, complete & uncut:The restored ADVENTURES OF THE ROAD RUNNER featurette (pilot)
Another set of BUGS BUNNY SHOW bridgeing sequences!And much more – including 60 uncut, remastered from the original negs Looney Tunes – including restored original titles on several cartoons including I LOVE TO SINGA, BABY BOTTLENECK, BOOK REVUE and BACK ALLEY OPROAR!So remember to go out and vote for the LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION Volume 2 on November 2nd (it’s also Election Day)!