DC Direct, the action figure division of DC Comics, is releasing a series of Looney Tunes figures this spring which look pretty hot. The toyline, dubbed the “Golden Collection” (not to be confused with the DVD sets of the same name), are based on scenes from great Warner Bros. cartoons. They look terrific.Meanwhile over in Italy, a company called Ape Collection is selling a set of 60 individual figurines based on the Warner Bros. cartoons including such obscure figures as Clampett’s Do-Do, Slow-Poke Rodriguez, Baby Face Finster (below, left), Cecil Turtle (below, center) and Egghead (below, right). And that’s NOT all, folks! According to moderator Jon Cooke on The Termite Terrace Trading Post, they plan to release further obscurities like Cool Cat, Conrad the Sailor and the Bookworm. With Looney Tunes no longer on broadcast TV or Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. is slowly managing to erase its animation legacy from the public mindset. Luckily the DVD sets and these smart collectibles can remind us how great these cartoons are for years to come.