The April 2005 issue of NICKELODEON magazine features an article/game on Oddball Comics, titled “Odd Comic Out” (on pages 42 and 43), co-written by FOCB (Friends of Cartoon Brew) Scott Shaw! and former NICKELODEON “Comics Section” editor and DARIA writer (and future guest Brewer) Anne D. Bernstein.
Scott writes:

It features classic Oddball issues of CRIMINALS ON THE RUN (fish-in-the-face), THE OWL (the Terror Twins kidnap Abe Lincoln’s head), STRANGE ADVENTURES (“The Hand From Beyond!”), SPACE WESTERN (pictured above, with a sex-changed space cowgirl/boy), RICKY AND DEBBIE IN SARDINELAND and a nonexistent comic, UPSIDE-DOWN ROMANCE (conceived by Anne and drawn by the magazine’s staff of artists). That’s where the “game” comes in; young readers are encouraged to determine which of the six funnybooks is a fake. The NICKELODEON editor and Anne selected the comics from my column’s archives; Jolly Jim MacQuarrie scanned ‘em and Anne and I co-wrote the copy and funnybook captions.(Unfortunately, there’s no mention of my ODDBALL COMICS column, the NICKELODEON editors deemed that the website just wasn’t “parent friendly”. They DID spell my name with the exclamation point, though!)This issue of NICKELODEON — the “2005 Kids’ Choice Award” special — is on newsstands right now, and also features original material by Roger Langridge, William Van Horn, Gary Fields, Mike Mignola, Henry Scarpelli, Klaus Janson, Johnny Ryan and many other big-name funnybook types!