Norm Prescott, co-founder of FILMATION (pictured above at left with Hal Sutherland in the middle and Lou Scheimer at right), passed away on July 2nd according to close friend and business associate Fred Ladd.Prescott was a popular Boston radio personality in the 1950s. He got involved in animation as a writer/producer (with Ladd) on two feature length projects, PINOCCHIO IN OUTER SPACE and JOURNEY BACK TO OZ. When Fred Silverman (at CBS) was looking for a low budget studio to produce SUPERMAN for Saturday morning in 1966, Prescott teamed with Lou Scheimer to form Filmation – and convinced Silverman to give their studio a shot. The rest is history.Prescott appeared (as himself) in the movie DISC JOCKEY (Allied Artists, 1951) and later did occasional voices on his various cartoon series – such as the animated STAR TREK and SHAZAM!