Here’s the news I’ve been dying to announce for over 20 years.Warner Bros. and King Features have come to an agreement – at long last – which will allow Warner Home Video to release the original Max Fleischer Popeye cartoons. The deal clears up a rights muddle that has kept these films from prior VHS and DVD home video release – and grants Warner Bros. the video rights, in perpetuity, to the entire Paramount Popeye theatrical library. (Warner Home Video will also be the official distributor of the King Features and Hanna-Barbera TV Popeye cartoons – but that will wait for now).Warner Bros. will commence restoration (with the original titles) of all the Popeye theatricals from the original negatives, and the first DVD boxed set (of the entire series, in original release order) is planned for 2007 release. I am already involved as a consulting producer.Thank you Warner Bros. (especially George Feltenstein) – and thank you, King Features – for making this cartoon DVD “Holy Grail” a reality.