speedy.jpgSpeedy Gonzales may have been banned (at one time) from the Cartoon Network, but he’s never been more in demand by the public. Now Warner Bros. is licensing the character to Volkswagen for use in an international ad campaign to attract Hispanic drivers who admire the mouse. The ads can be viewed HERE, HERE and HERE.

“The Speedy Gonzales and new GTI Mk V match-up is a natural,” said Kerri Martin, director of brand innovation for Volkswagen of America, Inc. “Both have permeated pop culture. Both have a loyal and passionate fan base. Both have achieved iconic status in a world of high-powered acceleration.””In the Hispanic market, Speedy Gonzales is our superhero,” commented Creativeondemand founding partner and creative director, Priscilla Cortizas. “Not only is he the epitome of speed, he communicates positive values like altruism, resourcefulness, intelligence and confidence.”

(Thanks, Brian Lutz)