For those of you in Los Angeles who can’t make it up to Ottawa this year, the American Cinematheque has an alternative for you. UNSHOWN CINEMA: THE ANIMATED FILMS THAT GOT AWAY (presented in Association with Los Angeles Film Critics Association) will screen September 22 – 24 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica.This year the L.A. Film Critics’ ongoing FILMS THAT GOT AWAY project will focus on great and rarely shown animated features and short films, none of which have received commercial theatrical distribution in the U.S. The features include Ladislas Starewitch’s rare stop motion REYNARD THE FOX (1937), Yoshifumi Kondo’s WHISPER OF THE HEART (1995), Jacques-Remy Girerd’s RAINING CATS AND FROGS (2003), and a feature length tribute to pioneer animator Paul Grimault called THE TABLE TURNS (1988). Shorts include Steffen Schaffler’s Oscar-nominated The Periwig-Maker, Lisa Barcy’s The Guilt Trip and J. J. Villard’s Bukowski adaptation Son Of Satan. There’ll be panels, parties and special guests.


Too bad it’s being held the same week as Ottawa. I’ll miss it, but if you are in town, I recommend it without reservation. Go!