The horror: adult man found watching cartoons

Emru Townsend makes an excellent point today on his blog In-Betweens:

In her syndicated column, Dr. Joyce Brothers responds to a 40-something legal professional, exasperated that her 40-something legal professional boyfriend likes to watch cartoons. Even after “F.T.” says that her errant beau likes to watch the “‘adult’ ones at night” – presumably Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim – Brothers leads off her response: “It is certainly reasonable to be puzzled by seeing a grown man – a professional, no less – howling at cartoons meant for a 6-year-old.”

I find it interesting to note that despite the fact that a grown man – a professional, no less – might like cartoons, and that there are cartoons being aired for adults, there’s no thought that maybe – just maybe – they aren’t all made for six-year-olds.