The Must-(Not)-Have Animation Book of 2005 The Must-(Not)-Have Animation Book of 2005
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The Must-(Not)-Have Animation Book of 2005


Here’s a book that’ll put you on the successful and rewarding career path of becoming a corporate whore licensing artist. DRAW THE LOONEY TUNES: THE WARNER BROS. CHARACTER DESIGN MANUAL is a reprint of “the textbook used by in-house artists to learn the ropes at Warner Bros.” The book includes vellum overlays, landscape four-color foldouts, vintage cartoon stills and step-by-step instruction. The introduction is by WB Consumer Products president Dan Romanelli. Nothing like having the executive responsible for “Gender-Confused Tweety” (see below) introduce a book about properly drawing classic WB characters. I’m ashamed to say it’s from my publisher, Chronicle Books, but hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

  • Bob Guthrie

    Interesting. I was one of the Animation Character Artists at WBCP working alongside with other professional animators/illustrators/painters/writer on this project. It took months, research at the UCLA animation vault to pull out all the (fragile) originals BGs for the project, check with former WB animators and back ground artists still alive like Charles Jones to maintain integrity, working as a team to make sure that little things like weight, squash and stretch, perspective, character soul, was properly explained,…

    “Corporate whore licensing artist(s)”. Hmm, that is quite a curious distilled description of what the artists and the project seems to be to some people. Oh, well. =)