The Return of Hand-Drawn Animation The Return of Hand-Drawn Animation
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The Return of Hand-Drawn Animation

2D Animation Returns

Here’s the TRAILER for what promises to be the next great hand-drawn anima…oh…wait a second.

Great job by Yowza Animation on this.

UPDATE: Bill Turner has some enlightening comments on the above:

Besides the actual animation by Yowza, the Best Buy “Soar” spot was produced by John Smith and directed by Elliot M. Bour & Saul Andrew Blinkoff. They were the team behind the Annie nominated “Springtime With Roo” and the upcoming “Kronk’s New Groove” from Disney. “Soar” was a freelance job, not Disney. Check out some of their other work HERE. Their sense of comedy and love of classic Disney really comes through, especially in “Kronk’s New Groove.”