<em>Tiny Shoes</em> trailer <em>Tiny Shoes</em> trailer
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Tiny Shoes trailer

Your daily dose of bad:

From the people who brought you The Sissy.

  • Gerard de Souza

    “But Papa, the shoes, they hurt, I am a kid’s 13 and these are 11s.”
    “You wanted tiny shoes.”

  • But he blew it all on alcohol… what a stirring tale of perseverance.

  • Edwin Austin

    You know what this film needs….coconuts!

  • My favorite part is the black frame at 0:19.

  • Frank

    That was better than 2 of the 3 Shreks to date.

  • That is one of my all time favorite Chick tracts! The CGI doesn’t do justice to the incredible drawings though. Jack Chick is one of the great unschooled unsung cartoonists of our times.

  • Brian

    Wait, this is based on Chick Tract? Bonus points!

  • top cat james

    Oh, for a pair of Steve Martin’s Cruel Shoes for this brat.

  • “Before God and Juanito I swear I’ll buy you your tiny shoes.”

    My God that is amazing. Every utterance of the phrase “tiny shoes” is comedy gold.

    Who knew the only thing that would make Jack Chick even funnier would be terrible CG and voice acting?

  • Vzk

    Here’s the original story this will be based on, for those who are interested:


    I hope it’s 100% faithful (pun intended).


  • pheslaki

    I’ve lost the ability to tell if this is genuine or a Poe.

  • It’s a Poe excuse for a film!

    Man, an animated adaptation of a Jack Chick tract…this is where Oddball Comics collides with Cartoon Dump!

  • Hope he gets his shoes quickly.

  • Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood

    Chick Publishing has gone to animation? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Watching this trailer with the sound off… it looks like the preview for a horror flick.

    In any case, production quality reminds me of Buddy G — go do a search for that program and have some more fun, but beware the catchy theme song.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    “You’ve read the tract, now see it come alive.” “Alive” being a relative term in this case. Honestly, seeing the footwork of the kid running reminded me of Shadow the Hedgehog skating.

  • Celeste C.

    Wow…that was brilliant, but needs to seriously up the terrifying quotient if it wants to match the original source material. Still, wow. Tiny shoes. Love it.

  • Bob

    This joker is a menace. I remember coming across his little ‘comics’ when I was a kid and thinking this guy was deranged.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Maybe if this was done with crystal figurines…

  • mick

    brilliant… it was perfect. I laughed a nut off

  • Rheinhard
  • tom Stazer

    Tiny Shoes is my favorite chick pub, and these horrible CGIs actually make the drawn versions seem much better

  • Shawn

    Well…at least the design for the mom is kind of neat?

    Animated Chick Tracts might be the best thing to ever happen. Comedy gold!

  • Why oh why would you post this awful animation? Must be friends of the people running this site.

  • Vzk

    The mother is a good Tinite; just look at her sacrificing vegetables.