T.S. Sullivant and Andreas Deja T.S. Sullivant and Andreas Deja
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T.S. Sullivant and Andreas Deja

From an ARTICLE by Disney master animator Andreas Deja about 19th century illustrator/cartoonist T.S. Sullivant:

Sullivant had a truly unique style of animal and human caricature, incorporating an element of surprise into every one of his drawings. To emphasize certain personality traits, he used the most amazing methods of distortion which makes it seem as if we’re looking at his creations through a fish eye lens. He also demonstrates a very keen understanding of lighting, with a rendering technique that gives his characters a quite believable presence. His style remains unique; he never lapses into formulas. He maintains a brilliant originality in all of his mature work.

The article is accompanied by two galleries of Sullivant’s illustrations, as well as recent drawings by Deja that were inspired by Sullivant. Those can be viewed HERE and HERE.
(Thanks, Harald Siepermann)

T.S. Sullivant and Andreas Deja

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