The tribute to UPA on March 26th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood is shaping up nicely. Mark your calendars now. Scheduled to appear for a Q&A are Bill Melendez, Willis Pyle, Alan Zaslove, Fred Crippen, and Sam Clayberger – among others. Films will include rare 35mm presentations of such classics as ROOTY TOOT TOOT (1952) and THE TELL TALE HEART (1953), as well as commercials, BOING BOING SHOW shorts (like Ernie Pintoff/Fred Crippen/John Whitney’s BLUES PATTERN and Rod Scribner’s THE LOST DUCHESS) and industrial films like THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN (1946) and MAN ALIVE! (1952). More info will be posted here in the coming weeks or check UPApix.com.