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So I’ve only got a few days to spend in Paris. To folks living
there or those who have visited, what would you recommend I …


Direct TV posted this press release on May 23rd with a somewhat
apt misprint in its network listings. Considering the …

Music Videos

Here is some nice eye candy. This music video by Faithless,
which I believe premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last week, …


A new edition of FLIP is now up. I’d be plugging Steve Moore’s
online magazine about animation (written and edited by …


Looks like they’ve nailed it. Considering the track record of
most cartoon-to-live action movies, I’m not getting too …


Some people would go to any lengths to get a autograph from Walt
Disney. But would you go to any depth? An abandoned cave in …
Rooty Toot Toot


Development piece by John Hubley from UPA’s
Rooty Toot (1952). From the collection of Mike Glad. The …