Click here to see the large size version of this promotional
image, above, from Foodfight. Can you spot the product …


This one’s even better. Click here to see the new Seinfeld
Bee Movie trailer with Steven Spielberg – and some actual
Zippy strip

Cartoon Culture

Last Saturday, the topic of Bill Griffith’s ZIPPY comic strip
was computer animation. Click on the strip below for the …

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Welcome everybody! It’s been a long time coming and here
finally is the new Cartoon Brew. Cartoon Brew launched in …


Shane Acker, the director of the atmospheric Oscar-nominated
short 9, was a special guest at the ANIMATION SHOW screening in …


YO GABBA GABBA! has been picked up for twenty half-hour episodes
by Nick Jr. The kooky live-action/animated preschooler …