Eric Goldberg Interviews Eric Goldberg

If you missed the CTN Animation Expo last November in Los Angeles, don’t fret. This one-hour lecture features director/animator extraordinaire Eric Goldberg (supervisor of Genie in “Aladdin,” head of animation on “Get a Horse!”) interviewing himself about his personal history. Lots of clips and lots of fun to watch—all from the comfort of your own home.

Animators: Plaster The New Museum’s White Walls with Your Art

When animators in Burbank get hungry, there’s Moore’s Deli, which has a back room decorated by animation artists, many from the nearby studios of Cartoon Network, Nick, DreamWorks and Disney. Now say you went to New York City, and you wish for an opportunity to emulate, or at least echo, the doodles which caught hold at Moore’s Deli.

The Ultimate Guide to Animated Mockbusters

Disney’s recent trademark lawsuit against Phase 4 Films and their movie “Frozen Land” has reignited discussion about ‘mockbusters,’ the portmanteau used to describe a genre of home video that is dedicated to tricking customers into mistakenly purchasing a low-budget imitation of a popular movie.