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“Brave” teaser

Here it is. Looks great. Can’t wait.

  • burkiss

    Wow. That looks IMPORTANT! Pure corn…

  • Looks GREAT! Wait…Larry The Cable Guy’s not in this, right? Just checking.

    • Andrew Kieswetter

      No,but John Ratzenberger obviously is.

  • Michael

    Looks great! Love Mark Andrews, great to see him directing.

  • tgentry

    Looks great. Wish they had hinted more at what the story’s actually about, but still a great mood, a female protagonist, a female director, and not a sequel. It’s got a lot going for it so far.

    • Was My Face Red

      She was sacked which was…brave?

  • John A

    O.K., Now I’m in love. I want that redhead.

    • Jory

      [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Be considerate and respectful of others in the discussion. Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

      • Katie M.

        Ironically, no one seems to be bothered by the obvious fact that she’s a minor. Instead its apparently important that she be unattractive for feminism! hoorah!

      • You think she’s unattractive?

    • Jory

      My first attempt at commenting on this was edited away, probably wisely, so I will be clearer this time: unless you’re being ironic, this comment is objectifying and sexist in a fashion that does a tremendous disservice to the film and its production.

      • being attracted to an appearance isn’t sexist. He didn’t say he wanted to slap her about and make her cook his eggs. For all you know this guy is a pure, romantic, sweetheart, and he found someone he wants to express that to. A fictional character. It’s not his fault the pixar team made her pretty.

      • John A

        Jory, You sound like someone who has never been in love.

      • Spool

        You sound like every reason why animation is so bland today.

      • Eric

        Actually, if I was involved in any aspect of the lead characters production I would take that as a huge compliment.

      • Jory

        There’s certainly nothing wrong with a fictional character being attractive and if it’s your thing there’s nothing at all wrong with being “in love” with a fictional character. Maybe I’m too focused on semantics here, but the language of “I want that redhead” says to me, “I wish I could possess this thing”. Appended to this may or may not be “…so that I can have sex with it”. As Katie M. above points out, it’s even more problematic given that the character appears to be a minor.

        If your reasoning for modern animation’s (undeniable) blandness is that it isn’t sexist enough, then, well, sorry.

      • John A

        For goodness sake, Jory my intent was to comment on all that lovely red hair, being raised a Catholic, pale skin and firey red hair makes my heart go pitter-pat. From a purely technical angle, I thought the animation of the girl’s hair was extremely well done. You need to lighten up, this is just a just a silly fan blog.

  • Hooray! Now THIS looks like fun. Gorgeous scenery, lovely lighting, and that bear! Can’t wait to see it in theaters next year!

  • James Ciambor

    Great to see Pixar reincorporating European influence. It was European artistic elements that made the Disney classics timeless. The sense of folklore and ambitious protagonist is all the more alluring. another pro is that she doesn’t adhere to the Disney princess stereotype she’s looking for adventure not nobility.

    • Skeptical

      Yes, when have we ever seen a Disney princess who isn’t a royal stereotype and is looking more for adventure than to live the life of nobility?

      Yes, that’s sarcasm. I’m not criticizing it because it’s a cliche, just pointing out that it IS a cliche.

      • James Ciambor

        She seems to break away from the grain, most previous Disney princesses are self Indulgent and don’t have the same strive and ambition they are content not to go any further after a happy ending. She is a break away from cliches quite easily. Thank Brenda Chapmen for taking her a different direction she understands that female protagonists have talents in other areas than just posing as an benevolent attractive innocent princess that is still a virgin. Disney had an exceptional thing going for Snow White but that archetype has dun it’s course after seventy years we finally get the second wave of princess.

      • oodelally

        while i do think you need to watch the movies again and really see the princesses. it not what i want to say

        i do need to ask,How can you go further than a happy ending? by my account it ends happily. its done. there is no more.

    • Why must every female lead be compared to all the previous? She’s “less shallow”, she’s “more kickass”, she’s “less sexy”, wow, she “reads books” bla bla bla. The comparisons are kind of insulting. It proves that we are putting female leads on a pedestal and saying “look at that, a GIRL”. It’s not like we stack Woody against Prince Charming or Aladdin or something… She’s a female. She’s her own character. Full stop. It also seems kind of weak to compare female Pixar leads to the history of Disney female leads. Pixar is not Disney.

      The teaser looks amazing!! Can’t wait for Brave.

      • James Ciambor

        I didn’t say they were comparable, she is quite different from previous incarnations and that is what is so attractive. Taking what I say out of context is not appreciated. The cliche to previous Disney films is a Princess that overcomes adversity and then spends the rest of her days indulging the pleasures and priviliges of aristocrisy. Posing for Disney merchandise at a local Wall-Mart or Disney Store which becomes tiring and takes away any artistic credibility.

        This character seems to be more ambitious and wants more than just the high life she gives up the monarch for a life as an archer. I can tell that Brenda Chapman actually invested some time to flesh her out much more thoroughly than Disney did with her princesses.

        Andrea you don’t have to worry I’m praising the film to because there is an aspect to it that is different than previous female protagonists. Twenty people that agreed with you and fish don’t get what I am trying to say. The teaser is amazing because of its heavy European influence didn’t notice elements of Ghilbi until it was later mentioned and even then to make an amazing film by being dependent upon Japanese influence, Anime wasn’t around when Pinocchio and Fantasia were executed. This does not seem like another Snow White, Cinderella or Rapunzel but a breath of fresh air that will compensate for Cars 2. Thank Brenda Chapman despite not being the director her influence is obvious.

        I’m hoping that Pixar will resurrect their flawless films through this as Cars 2 broke their consecutive streak for good movies.

      • heykidz

        Um… Mulan, anyone? anyone? Dear James. You are forgetting Mulan.

        Now all that remains to be seen is if she also finds love in this movie. If she does, then its doesn’t go against the grain of other princess movies – its not really that much different after all. If she doesn’t, and this turns out to be more of her own personal adventure, then I agree with you, more of the same…. but please don’t belittle those earlier princess movies. They were darn good.

      • James Ciambor

        I’m not really belittling them I just prefer a breath of fresh air that doesn’t adhere to cliches. Mulan is comparable to Pochohantus yes their more independent than the average Disney heroine but both are marred by the true love concept which is the formula for every Disney film. Which based on trailer I am hoping for a personal adventure there doesn’t seem to be Disney cliches based on viewing this . Kudos to Brenda for doing this and which is why I appreciate this film despite stepping down her influence is obvious.

        I actually believe it puts women in a better light when they are conveyed as independent protagonists on an adventure than the (someday my prince will come stereotypes). I view Snow White and Cinderella helping establish the feature format as it is known today which is innovative but I believe it is time to go down another path you can still make a profit.

      • oodelally

        “I can tell that Brenda Chapman actually invested some time to flesh her out much more thoroughly than Disney did with her princesses.”

        uh james, read what you wrote one more time. or ad some comas when you write

      • James Ciambor

        Quit trolling.

  • Andrew

    Dad Gum!

  • tonma

    I’m going to avoid mentioning the ‘other’ pixar movie here.. This one looks really great!! not in contrast, not by comparison, not instead of… By it’s own and beyond any studio label and his current going-ons.

  • Mewzilla

    WOW! Im totally excited! I cant wait for summer 2012!
    I loved how they created the dark mystic ambient mood, it looks so much different from other Pixar movies.
    I had the feeling that they might had been inspired by San from Princess Mononoke for the main character.
    Now… I can declare myself Fan of Brave even if i don’t have seen it yet!

    • snip2354

      We all know about Pixar’s influence from Studio Ghibli.

      • James Ciambor

        Despite how most kids these days go into animation because of Japan not everything has to be inspired by them to make an exceptional piece of work. On the contrary this may have elements of Monoke but can see some Hans Christian Andersen and European Folklore incorporated into this didn’t even think about Ghilbi influence until later. They are obviously opening up their artistic horizons I can spot several influences.

      • tav

        i have to agree with Mewzilla. The trailer gave me the “ghibli vibe”.

        But Hans Christian Andersen was not a movie director? It was Hayao Miyazaki who introduced this visual style to animated film making. can you think of a movie pre 1980s ghibli that had this visual style?

    • James Ciambor

      Why does it always have to be about Japan, its obviously inspired by Hans Christian Andersen and European Folklore. Animation isn’t exceptional based on whether or not its influenced by Japan today’s animation students should open up their horizons.

      • Miyazaki is the best director of animated fantasy films (a lot of which are influenced by European folklore and fairy tales moreso than Japanese cultural stuff), so if he’s an influence, that should be a good thing.

      • James Ciambor

        Rubi I’m just sick of kids being ignorant of other influences as if they didn’t matter the best artists derive from many influence. Also it’s highly subjective to say that Myiazaki has the lead in the industry when other directors have comparable qualities.

  • And Billy Connolly is doing one of the voices. I am eagerly awaiting this one!

    • burkiss

      It sound like they had James Doohan narrate the trailer.

      • Paul N

        Doohan died in 2005, so it’s very unlikely…

      • Keith

        If the narrator there is someone from the known (according to IMDb) cast, it could only be Kevin McKidd. The other three guys are too old and/or distinct with their voices.

      • Craig Ferguson

      • It is Kevin McKidd listen to him in ROME

  • DAMN! Now that’s some quality animation, right there!

  • MrMister

    I would definitely go see this over Cars 2, especially since this is going to be the only original story we’ll going to see for a while.

    Also, the heroine. It’s about time Pixar’s made a movie about a strong female protagonist rather than another “buddy film”. Kudos to Brenda Chapman!

    • oodelally

      doesnt elasti-girl come save the day in the incredibles?

      • Dana

        I liked Elastigirl, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not her movie; it’s Mr. Incredible’s movie and the entire family’s movie. This is the first Pixar movie with a female main protagonist, not a female protagonist as part of an ensemble.

      • oodelally

        while i will give you the fact that the incredibles is part of the whole family and not just elasti-girl, or one main character, she is not some run over, demure house wife. i would love to have a wife like that running next to me, kicking butt, and keeping house with kids because she wants to. Mr. incredible would never be the man he was without her.

        take the other female characters in pixar movies. dot, colette, jessie, eve. i see all of these girls as protagonists. no they may not be the “main” protagonist, but since when has people looked up to the main protagonist? in star wars do people always want to be luke skywalker? no they want be anakin, han solo, leia, even obi-wan, boba fett, darth vader. everyone but the main protagonist. so who really cares about the “main” protagonist being a he, she, or it. as long as the women in the story are true representations.

      • Dana

        It may not make a difference to you, but things like this really do make a difference to a lot of the little girls who will see this movie and be inspired by the character, and seeing that it’s HER movie and HER story, not someone else’s that she’s a sidekick in.
        Anyway, we both agree that strong female protagonists are good, right? So I’m pretty sure we agree more than we disagree.

      • James Ciambor

        Hey oodelally learn to spell yourself.

  • Sherrie

    I really love her hair. Cautiously optimistic on this!

  • How many times do you think the artists referenced Fox and the Hound for that bear? This looks gorgeous.

    • dan

      0 times. Because we want to make that bear 20 times better than the bear from fox and the hound.

      • Anny Lee

        There’s no possibility a Pixar animator could do any better than Glen Keane’s.

    • Why would they reference another animated bear when they could just observe real bears?

      • James

        Why would they observe real bears when they could observe a surly confused man in a bear suit?

    • SR

      The bear reminded me of the one from Balto…

  • Mark Andrews, yes. However, don’t forget Brenda Chapman.

    • Kirk Wise

      Count me among Brenda’s biggest fans. I think this looks all kinds of awesome. They’ve got my ten bucks.

  • Michel Van

    Pixar comes with a Great Movie for 2012

  • Animojojojo

    Oh yeah, it’s an animated film. Almost forgot until the end of the trailer, looks like live-action.

  • Was My Face Red

    Better something Brave than Toy Story 4 which we maybe saw accidentally announced on BBC1 this morning…

  • Some Girl

    Has anyone noticed, that on the teaser poster, it said “Change your fate, 2012”.
    Did anyone find that ironic? haha.

    Anyway, this had us pumped! You know when the teaser looks decent, you’re in for a good show! (well, most of the time. )

  • Finally! I was disappointed that I couldn’t see this in Cars 2! That would’ve made the movie worth the ticket price!

  • A Long Time Observer


    Artistically, it’s definitely Pixar breaking out its mold. Probably because it focuses more on the natural environment than human environment, it looks more organic.

    The girl’s face…not as much, IMO.

  • Looks fantastic to me! Hopefully they learn from HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and make sure everyone’s got a Scottish accent, not just the adults.

    • JavaJunkie

      Well, they replaced Reese Witherspoon with Kelly McDonald as the voice of the main character, so that’s a good sign ;)

    • Katie M.

      Because vikings were Scottish and all…

  • Laura

    What an eye candy! Looks amazing and I really, REALLY, REAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYY cannot wait to see it!!

  • Some Girl

    I feel like I need to put something here regarding Merida’s design.
    She isn’t your “pretty” girl, cute type. She is to look like where she comes from, she is a natural beauty, highcheek bones, balzing red hair- I even like that her eyebrows are a light color. Makes her look more believable, a ture resident of Scottland. I am not saying this to object A Long Time Observer’s comment, but I think people are used to these formulaic designs of female charcaters we see so much today, or more of what we think as attractive, in a way.
    Not saying this in a defensive/rude tone, but looking beyond what WE call “beauty” is what people need to get into their minds when they see this movie. She is one of the more realisticly designed charcaters I have seen in a long time. Besides, it’s her firey spirit that makes her seem super cool. But oh well, she’s animated..what am I talking about!!!! I hope to see more of these type’s of designs (especially females) later on in the future.

    Gosh..did I make sense?

    • A Long Time Observer

      I probably should have clarified. While her character design is unique, there’s still something…formulaic at the first shot of her face. It literally threw me back to “standard CG human.” It was not a knock at her beauty, but strictly art related. I do admit, I should have better worded the sentence…it sounds like I WAS insulting the character!

      • Some Girl

        Oh have no fear! I understood what you meant, I just wanted to make this statement in general, before you said anything. You’re good you’re good. hah. :D

    • I think I’d like her design as a maquette, honestly, I’m just tired of Pixar going NUTS with their sub surface scattering on skin as of late. It washes out any of the planes on a face and makes them look almost gel-like.

      • 2011 Adult

        It looks like it’s made of candle wax sometimes. Skin is not translucent on the edges like that. But again, that’s my nerdy artists side talking.

      • Orly

        Well, in all fairness do you think the rest of her face looks “real”, or is it caricatured and designed? Obviously the latter-she’s a 2D design rendered in 3D, which is a look all its own, and capable of innumerable permutations.
        It’s likely a deliberate artistic choice not to have it look like absolutely REAL skin, and why not?
        That’s my artist side talking. ; )

    • NC

      I honestly didn’t like the painting of her that was posted earlier but now that I see her moving she is starting to grow on me more.

    • A friend said the character as seen in the trailer reminds him of the kids in a tissue ad on TV, and thus turned him off to the whole film. I know which ads he speaks of, but I thought that was too small a quirk to dismiss an entire film.

  • Lala_Marin

    I want this movie instead.

  • sleeplessinseattle

    We love you Mark Andrews!!!! WHOOOOO!

    Quest to Camelot, the way it shoulda been done, amirite?

    • The opening felt a bit like “Quest for Camelot”. I only say that because I worked on it and there is a shot like that but it looks like pure gold from start to finish. Glad to see Mark Andrews at the helm of this. Such a talent and such passion. I also love that they dont give away the story line, it makes you want to see it all the more.

    • James

      Mark Andrews kicks a lot of ass. Can’t wait to see what him and Brenda have cooked up for those of us eagerly awaiting a new story. There should be a Scotsman with a machine gun leg in there somewhere, hah.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Well I didn’t like it! I tell you, if they coulda done this with Hanna Barbera and their mastery of hap-hazardly painted limited animation, this would have made BILLIONS. THIS LOOKS TERRIBLE! I WOULDN’T FEED THIS TO MY GRANDFATHER. OH, I PINE FOR THE DAYS OF CLUTCH CARGO. NOW THAT WAS SOME CLASSIC ANIMATRON.




  • Scarabim

    Needs more dragons.

    I kid, I kid…

  • Is it because I can’t wait for the next wholly original Pixar film?
    Or is it because I can’t wait to see what the dark side of “Tangled” looks like?
    No matter.
    I can’t wait.

  • karl ferguson’s brother lou

    awwwwwwwwww…why does it HAVE to be 3D?


    aren’t we kinnnnd of growing out of the unnecessary need to keep a kid further engaged in his seat for 90 minutes?

    good stories that might even turn out to be be GREAT stories, don’t need gimmicks and if anybody should GET that by now, it’s pixar.

    FINDING NEMO, UP, THE INCREDIBLES. great stories w/ no IN-YOUR-FACE recovering fish eater sharks, geriatric tennis ball walkers or retina poking blasts from frozone’s freeze ray.

    so why bother with the accessories to make THIS film? in 2012?

    oh riggggght. the 3d ticket price in 2012. what was i thinking? >:-(

    • Up was released in 3D.

      • Was My Face Red

        It didn’t need it though. It dulled the colours quite badly as lifting the glasses proved.

    • S.H.

      Sometimes I feel like the complaining is worse than the actual gimmick complained about.

  • Gray64

    Surprised no one thought to give Alan Young a part in this one…

  • Writer of Wrongs

    My three cents. Character animation looks amazing. Environments look like a video game.

    • What does that mean exactly?

    • Lucy

      I thought it looked a bit like a videogame too, with the way the camera was moving. Still beautiful though.

  • Love this trailer, and the writing that leads into the title. Looking forward to the film. And yes, I will still think of Brenda Chapman when I think of it!

  • Ok. I’m sold :)

  • eeteed

    so after she kills the bear with her bow and arrow does she get turned into a bear and have to raise the dead bear’s cub?

    • Lucy

      Shhh, spoilers!

  • Dee

    That music was derivative to the point of distraction. Is this film about A Game of Thrones, or Medieval 2: Total War?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Pixar will do another great film. I didn’t like the trailer though.

    • Trailers never use the actual music from a film. I doubt they’ve even begun to think about recording the actual score.

      • Dee

        This also occurred to me. Well, they usually don’t.

        Nonetheless, I think it does the film a disservice and the film industry needs to recognize that music is just as important for getting the point across.

  • Clint H

    Looks interesting. Can’t wait.

  • Where did her freckles go?

  • Steven M.

    I can’t say I’m surpised that the main character looks even more synthetic then the concept drawings, but other than that, it looks good.

  • wgan

    i just dont understand why people already called it ‘great’ it’s just a teaser and shows very little, remember the incredibles’ teaser, it actually turned out nothing like the tune of the teaser defined.

    • Kyle Maloney

      Nothing like? That teaser, despite not actually being a part of the movie totally captured the spirit of the movie imo. You had a humanized superhero that was struggling with relatatble issue of weight gain. It had the same tone as the final movie if you ask me.

      • Funkybat

        The Incredibles’ teaser is one of the few for an animated film that I still remember clearly years after the film came out. It really was successful in both conveying what the film was about, and serving as an entertaining standalone “short.” I also was excited by the score they set it to (the theme to an obscure James Bond film) and for once the actual score was in that same vein.

  • Charles

    what does this have to do with nascar?

  • This is the film Pixar should have released in 2011. Cars 2 should never have existed, and Brenda Chapman should never have been fired from this film. This is what SHOULD have happened.

  • Kyle Maloney

    I’m not liking her design. Its not that I want her to be bland, far from it. There are a lot of people I find attractive outside of the traditional sense. Theres just something about her face that isn’t appealing to me. And its important to remember there’s a difference in appeal versus attractiveness. You have have an “ugly” design that is still appealing.

    • I’m not quit sold on her design either. She just… Looks like a cabbage patch kid. But seeing her personality in the film itself could bring her to life and make her design feel more authentic.

  • tim

    how to train your redhead??? :)

  • And critics were saying Pixar jumped the shark with Cars 2.

    They’re gonna bounce back with Brave next year, just you wait…

    • ZigZag

      No, they jumped the shark with the first “Cars” picture, and continued a downward slump since. “Ratatouille” was fine though unsurprising, and it felt slapped together by two directors (something we should keep in mind as we sit down to watch “Brave” next summer). “Wall•E” was lazy and boring, “Up” was manipulative, lazy and somehow shallow, and “Cars 2” was just shameless.

      Only TS3 had some of the old Pixar magic in it in a few parts. But sadly, it seems as though the studio has lost its way, and with Brad Bird moving on to live action outside of Pixar (unlike Andrew Stanton), and Lasseter spread thin between Pixar and Disney, the studio has a lot of work to do to re-capture its former magic as seen in “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo”. Of course, those were masterpieces, and while making more of those is next impossible, I look forward to king story reclaiming his throne one day.

      • “…it felt slapped together by two directors (something we should keep in mind as we sit down to watch “Brave” next summer)”

        Wouldn’t it be better to keep an OPEN mind as we sit down to watch “Brave”?
        (or any other film for that matter?)

      • What the hell does “manipulative” mean when you’re talking about a movie? As a filmmaker, when are you ever NOT manipulating the audience?

      • Katie M.

        I find it funny that he claims that Up was manipulative while loving TS3. What WASNT manipulative about the incinerator scene?? I agree, all movies are meant to evoke emotion and meaning, and if you dont like the sort of vulnerability you experience with movies like Up, then maybe theyre just not for you.

      • ZigZag

        Alright, to clarify…

        To Chuck R.: Yes, you are correct. We should have an open mind, and I always sit down with one ready to be blown away. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t totally work.

        To Danny: Yes, directors are always manipulating an audience, but there is a difference between being manipulated without knowing it, and feeling manipulated. The first happens when a story is told seamlessly and naturally, leaving the audience with a feeling of being wholly satisfied with a full meal of great movie-making. The second is when you can tell that a director is forcing a concept into the story simply to get a desired emotional response out of the audience without making it feel natural to the story.

        To Katie: To continue that point, Up was riddled with this kinda schmaltz and random nonsense that did not connect. And you’re correct to point to the incinerator scene in TS3—that was manipulative and forced. This is why I said that TS3 had “some” of the magic—I never said I loved it. There were some scenes and even sequences in that movie that were undeniable. But it pales in comparison to the original or the sequel. It’s the Return of the Jedi of the Toy Story films. Great moments, great characters, poor storytelling—all part of the New Pixar Way. Sell toys and tell enough of a story to make sense, but don’t bother trying to inspire anyone.

        I stand by my points:

        Iron Giant. Toy Story. Finding Nemo. Masterpieces.

  • In the eyes

    The lack of appeal about Meridias character design (although there’s much that IS appealing about the character) has to do with the spacing of her eyes.

    I think they’re spaced just a tad too far apart and make her look just a little bit goofy, squinty & goldfish like, causing many folks to call her crazy eyes, considering her often wide-eyed expressions and the fact that they’re such a prominent feature on her round baby/doll like face.

    That eye spacing problem is also somewhat there in the concept art, but it seems to stand out a little more in the model.

    I definitely disagree with the sentiment that it’s not an overall appealing design, because it is. Certainly more so than the way a lot of Dreamworks human characters end up being realised as 3D models.

    That said, I think the way they’ve handled the Bear and made it more visually suggestive, with those cat-like eye lens reflections, is absolutely stunning and a great/bold choice for 3DGCI. The fact that they’re doing more with (showing) less of it. A big thumbs up for that one Pixar people! I hope that remains consistent throughout the rest of the film.

  • Spencer

    Who said she wasn’t pretty? I think she’s gorgeous!

    This looks friggin’ phenomenal…. I’m gonna’ keep my expectations low just in case.

  • Toonio

    Epona? was that you?

    With all the Brave bootleg trailers out there Disney had no other but bite the bullet to avoid any negative reaction.

    On the other hand I’ve got to admit it looks good, not great yet good.

  • mawnck

    I can’t wait to hear Ratzenberger’s fake Scottish accent.

  • Jory

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Be considerate and respectful of others in the discussion. Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

  • Martin Juneau

    I agree with Jerry. That’s lookin really great and the girl protagonist in this picture looks a bit much promising and looks we will have a real animated feature.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Looks very good. I’m happy they left the bear in it.

    I’d love to see more awe-inspiring animated bears with barrel chests and muscles instead of overweight slobs almost all the time.

  • Mr. James

    For a just a moment I was going to just leave the standard, “LOOKS GREAT!” that everyone else has so far. It’s Pixar, the animation and atmosphere look GREAT! However, on watching the teaser a few times I’ve got to say that as a teaser it was pretty lack luster. I’m not saying it’s the worst teaser I’ve ever seen. I’m just saying that it’s not got me excited about the movie yet. I’m still reserving excitement for a later date.

    Anyone else agree?

    • When have Pixar’s teasers ever been good? They rarely give any idea of why people end up liking the movie.

      • Watch the teasers for “monsters inc, finding nemo, and the incredibles, also bugs life and ratatouille are good. they are almost like mini films, giving a good taste of the premise and tone. and, I believe, they are great teasers.

      • ZigZag

        Chris is absolutely correct. They used to do a lot more with their trailers. This one seems pretty basic—almost like a render test. Nevertheless, definitely not worthless.

  • that hair is spot-on as that’s REALLY what happens to redheads with high humidity (erm, highland humidity?) and a bit o length to it! “-)

    i liiiike her. i like that her design is fighting reaallly hard to NOT go disney princess perfect. tis ok to space out her eyes a bit, put back in some not so perfect freckles.

    kelly macdonald’s brogue is a VERY good sign, too!

    go team KING STORY! (ty for saying that zz!)

  • Barney Miller

    I love it. You spend years as a character designer trying to push your ideas through. Meeting after meeting you listen to a dozen other people weigh in on proportions, color, costume etc. all the while hoping some tiny bit of what you created in that first few weeks of exploration will remain in the final model. Then you have to run the gauntlet of all the various TDs, riggers and technicians on the film who constantly tell you that “it will be difficult” to realize your design or “near impossible” to rig it.

    Of course, all during this process there are the people who weigh outside of the creative departments, because “they know what they like” or “middle America will never respond to more stylized characters.”

    Finally, the model is finished, rigged and surfaced and you think,”not too bad. I’m pretty happy how it turned out after having to please 100 other people.”. Then you look back at those first drawings when the only limitations where the story and the tone of the film, and you frown a little at what could have been.

    However, you do feel you’ve made some headway in pushing through something a little different… until the 30 second teaser comes out and you have to read the Internet commentary about “how the eyes are slightly far apart” or “she looks like a Cabbage Patch” kid, but because hey, everybody’s entitled to their opinion.

    Considering all this, from one designer to another, I think the characters look damn fine and applaud the artists who made some progress in bringing something (under the big studio system) a little unique to the screen.

    I can’t wait to see this.

    • I’d only quibble with the part where you say “you have to read the Internet commentary” … because, really, you don’t.

    • Goodness, I didn’t say she looked like a Cabbage Patch Kid just for the sake of saying something nitpicky and mean. It’s just, as a former owner of many Cabbage Patch dolls, the resemblance is very very strong for me. Like I said, I’m sure association will fade once we’re able to see her as her own character.

  • “Scotland the Brave”, heh.

  • AnimationAnimal

    A girl killing an animal?!! Now that’ll get the male audience in the seats for sure?!!! SO AWESOME!!!!

  • Luke

    GIRLS you’re both pretty

  • “Brave” was screened yesterday. Thank you, Darla.

    • Ergo

      I hope it’s good. This movie is the silver lining to a heavy cloud of sequels. I don’t want to be disappointed.

  • NC

    Kind of reminds me of a World of Warcraft teaser.

  • Palmer

    I’d like it a lot more if it wasn’t for that damned overused red-tailed hawk sound effect at 0:20. Not even the right continent!

    Other than that… yeah, looks cool. I’ll be there.

  • J_Kandefer

    I wish they kept “the bear and the bow” title. More interesting but less market friendly.

    I don’t care what anyone says, I think this will be one great film!

    I know everyone has thier opinion, but i seriously cannot understand how you can think pixar films have been on the decline, other than the cars movies. I would take Up, Ratatouille, and Wall-E over A Bugs Life, Toy Story 1 & 2 any day. I didn’t even care about pixar until thier films got more mature, artistic & better written from monsters inc on…again with exception of the cars weakspots. I think thier work gets classier with every new film, that is not a sequel.
    I think Brave will continue this streak!

    • ZigZag

      Please see my comments above. They’ve been slipping.

  • Meghan

    This looks gorgeous and is looking to be a great film. I was able to see a screening yesterday and it definitely looks promising.

    I also love that the horse isn’t white.

  • akira

    starring Bryce Dallas Howard?

  • Dognam

    Obviously a female bear. We’ll be looking at an “Iron Giant”/”Bambi” twist. I hope the bear wins. Do Pixar execs like hunting? That may give a hint to how the story is tangled… er… twisted. I vacuum the offices.

    • The Gee

      With a “twist,” eh?

      So, you are also thinking that the Bear and the Main Character have a dance-off?

      Though, since it is set in Scotland, there’s a slim chance one of the dance might be the Fruge. (and, I’m just kidding, if that isn’t obvious.)

      Okay, one more along the same lines:

      the name of the movie will change to “Bravo!”

      With an exclamation mark.

  • Mike

    good..but how will it ever best Puss in Boots?

    • Biased

      [Comment removed by editors. Using multiple pseudonyms in a single post is not allowed. Please keep your name consistent so others in the conversation know who is speaking.]

  • Brianna

    An interesting movie that i’m most deff be watching. (Hopefully by the time I see this movie i’ll be training to make movies like this one.) The only gripe I have is with the protagonist character design. It’s not that she’s ugly, but something about her looks off.

  • looks good, a fresh new adventure!

  • redrum

    It looks very pretty, I love the dreamlike quality. I have no idea what the current version of the story is like because I haven’t seen any of the reels in some time. I did see Brenda’s original (incomplete) version in late 2008 and will always wonder what could have been…

  • Mike

    I like how the caricature of the backgrounds are toned down and a little more realistic and natural looking. Yet still beautifl

    The somber tone for a pixar movie is also really cool.

  • MissConception

    It has to be pretty darn good to make me forgive Pixar for Cars 2.