My favorite character in Toy Story 3

Here’s an exclusive first-look at one of the 14 new characters being introduced in Pixar’s upcoming Toy Story 3. This is Chatter Telephone (voiced by Teddy Newton), a Fisher-Price toy I actually had when I was a kid.

To learn about the other new characters in the film, our friends at Upcoming Pixar have the details. Toy Story 3 opens June 18th and I can’t wait.

  • top cat james

    I can’t wait, either, but Toy Story movies really should be released during Thanksgiving/Christmas. A summer release just feels…wrong.

  • I had one too as a kid, it’s funny seeing how the incorporate toys that actually exist in to the movie.
    I’m really crossing my fingers for TS3, although with the risk of sounding pessimistic, I doubt that the magic feeling from the last two movies is being maintained by judging from the trailer.

  • I was about to question the 14 new characters thing when I only counted 12 – but I guess the two other peas in that pod have to count for something! :D

    The cast looks really varied and awesome. I have no doubt that Pixar can pull this off – I felt goose-bumps just by looking at this picture alone and the trailer made me smile like a little kid. Cannot wait.

  • Brooks, if you look closely you’ll see two of the characters are masked in shadow, but one looks humanoid and one is green and lumpy, kinda frog-like.

    Also, needs more Legos.

  • Brad Constantine

    I gotta say, Jerry, After the first Toy Story 3 trailer, I was a bit skepticle about where the film was going. Now after seeing the new trailer, I am very excited to see this film. I had the chatter phone as well….woo-hoo!


    The two other character that are shadowed are the baby doll and the book worm.

  • humming

    I had that phone when I was young too! I was all SQUEEEEE when I saw it in the trailer!

    Is it common to promote your sequel by announcing how many new characters are in it now?!

  • G. Melissa Graziano

    I had one too! And the Ken doll design is very much like the ’80s Ken that I had, with the plastic hair, bad tan, pink patterned jeans and everything! So excited!

  • diego

    Your favorite new character is the only nice one, all the others look ugly as hell. Are they going to ruin Toy Story?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Do they still make this? Remember being brought up on that, or perhaps it was the Mickey Mouse Talking Telephone by Hasbro! :-)

  • Paul N

    That’s a lot of new characters in an already crowded cast. Hope it all works out.

  • Clement

    kids already have cellphones nowadays

  • joecab

    Good lord, all the reviews from people that have seen it so far have been fantastic. What is with the frickin’ doubt and negativity?

  • jbradleydis

    I had one when I was little, and were happy to see that they are still making them. Bought my youngest daughter a pink one for this past Christmas. Good to see him in the movie.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    “kids already have cellphones nowadays”

    I hate them already!

  • Kate

    I had that phone too! This movie looks incredible from all the details they nailed down. Barbie’s hair looks exactly like it should. It’s really giving some extra punch. :)

  • Josh

    I want to hear Totoro yawn just once in the film ^_^

  • Azz

    Paul N – I share your concerns. I have faith that this will be good but lordy that is a bunch of new ground to cover. No other Pixar film has a cast this big!

  • matt

    You’d all be worried if they mentioned all the peripheral toys from the first film like this in one hit – I’m sure (well, I’m not SURE but…) most of these will be bit players around a core group of newbies like the first time.

    My day was made in the first one when they put Barrel of Monkeys in. We need more monkeys!

    And yeah, Totoro yawn. Or playing the occarina. Or bellowing!

  • John

    “Yabba Dabba Doo! I love talkin’ to you!”

  • I think that many of these new characters are background characters – maybe having only a line or two and filling out the backdrop in the Sunnyside Daycare Center.

    Have faith. Pixar is a master in storytelling and they’re not going to mess this one up!

  • Steve Gattuso

    I remember having that in our household, too. Do they still make those?

  • Bill

    I absolutely love the toy story movies, however (I know that on this site Anything Pixar does is considered gold but…) we all agree the Toy Story’s Character design is quite lame right?
    Woody, Sid (the villain Kid in TS1), the dog… can we admit that at least THAT is quite week?

    that’s why Cartoon Brew is loosing followers I think.
    It seems Jerry and god knows amid, along with the few loyal followers, have made their mind up about the market, with NO objective point of view.
    Pixar puts out this character, a simple CGI recreation of an actual existing toy… and everyone goes crazy, while the Genius and ORIGINAL character Design by Nicolas Marlet for the amazing “how to train your dragon” goes UNMENTIONED because this site has chosen that anything dreamworks does is not good, regardless of the amazing talents at work there.

    If this site really desires to “lead the animation conversation” it will need to bring back some objectivity, and retire the personal agenda.

    May I remind The editors of cartoon brew that Nicolas Marlet was offered a job by pixar MANY TIMES after he worked for them for the design of Monsters inc. and HE turned them down to stay in Dreamworks. So perhaps, knowing that PIXAR itself loves Nicolas, Cartoon brew will finally start acknowledging his amazing work.

    thank you

  • matt

    I don’t know Bill, but it seems you’re not exactly being objective yourself. Woody is supposed to be a dated toy/dated design, and fills that brief perfectly. But my main point is – can you not see that the main Dragon design for How to, is Sanders through and through? Overlay Stitch on top and see what you get. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not great, and also I’m a big Marlet fan and it was a fantastic decision to keep things consistent in Panda by letting him control the characters (the ducks were sort of nothingy but that was the only thing really), but I’m just being objective here about the Sanders thing. And the human characters are pretty uninspiring in Dragon too (I don’t know who was responsible there though). I’m just saying, don’t go throwing stones and getting all upset “May I remind…) when from that post you’re every bit as subjective as the rest of us. The Marlet flag-waving is clear evidence there. And you contradict yourself with “we all agree”. And, uh, “loosing”? Remember too the movie just came out and many haven’t seen it yet, to be fair.

    But although I think Syd does suffer from techy limitations (that mouth is a nightmare),
    yes you’re right – Scud was pretty terrible and that’s a design thing where although toys can be forgiven more latitude, the dog’s eyes looked like there was no skull, no matter how cartoony, around them.

    And why do you think that good or bad character design would or should influence the Brew’s editors on whether those are good movies or not in the end. The way your post reads, that doesn’t make sense. Yes, Amid is incredibly biased when in comes to cg to the point where he’s embarrassed himself publicly many times and we’ve taken him to task. BUT, does this site hold itself up as the bastion of objectivity? MOST critics AND enthusiasts/fans are not objective. It seems to me that if the guys are very subjective that sparks the “animation conversation” just as quickly…

    Cheers mate.

  • Love the new charaters in Toy Story 3