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Crucified Woody

Reader Andres Silva shared with me this photo he snapped at a children’s playground in Ecuador.

  • Rufus

    Woody fell for our sins.

  • Lucy

    Andy, forgive them! They know not what they do!

  • Cristina

    hahhaahah im from Ecuador, I used to go there as a kid. so funny to be able to recognize it. I had to look twice because I thought I had looked wrong. lot of flashbacks :) hahahahah

    • Chris Sobieniak

      And now you can’t UN-THINK it! It’ll haunt your soul forever! Still I guess it was the best they could come up with for a guy just standing there with his arms out for a swing set. It could’ve been anyone!

  • Rob Rob

    Any way to spread the word of Jesus is good to me.

  • tedzey

    All they need is a Toy Story “La Pieta,” where Bo Peep is Mary cradling Woody in her arms! That would totally complete this!

  • Clint H

    And so, once Pixar fades away from the face of the Earth, let this reminds us that Pixar died for our sins and provided us with top-notch entertainment for generations to come.


  • Alissa

    Must…resist…urge to recreate Last Supper with Pixar characters…

  • Steven M.

    He died for our sins.

  • Rob Rob

    I can’t get over how great this is! Jesus needs all the publicity he can get. They should put little Jesus fish shaped Nemo’s all over the place too!

  • They got Woody over a barrel. A bunch of barrels.

  • Toonio

    We’ll I guess this should cover for the sin committed by Pixar when they sold out to Disney.