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Don Rickles heckles John Lasseter

I previously posted about attending the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony for John Lasseter earlier this week. The highlight of the event was 85-year old Don Rickles saying a few words about honoree Lasseter (If you look close at the image above you may spot me in the crowd). Rickles was in fine form as he cut down Lasseter (and his wardrobe), his wife (and her hat), Tom Hanks and Tim Allen (who weren’t there), as well as Walt Disney himself. Luckily someone recorded his bit and posted it on You Tube, because I don’t think this will be presented intact as bonus content on some future DVD – its a bit un-PC, but totally hilarious!

Note, in the background, actors Owen Wilson (in the suit and tie) and Emily Mortimer (in green top), and on stage behind Lasseter is Cheech Marin, Bonnie Hunt, Patton Oswalt and Randy Newman.

  • David Breneman

    Well this is dumb of me — I never realized Rickles was Mr. Potatohead. It looks like he’s showing his age physically, but his mind is still sharp. “I’m the biggest name here!” What a great self-deprecating way to insult a bunch of big Hollywood names. Love it!

  • top cat james

    “…get a propeller on your tush and fly around with that hat.”
    Potential new character for the upcoming “Planes” DVD?

    Is that Weird Al next to Jerry?

  • cbat628

    I really want to see Mrs. Lasseter and her hat.

    • Paul Penna

      I think that’s her and it that you get a brief glimpse of at 2:37.

      • cbat628

        Oh, duh! I guess I was looking somewhere else. Thank you!

  • Toonio

    Wow, what a sharp mind at that age.

    From now on I’ll define success as being able to insult everybody you can and get applauded at the end.

    • Bob

      I see your point.

      I actually doubt many people found this roasting very funny. I think a lot of the laughs and applause were done out of respect and politeness.

      • Are you crazy? I laughed my ass off. My dad, who has never seen a Pixar film, laughed HIS ass off. Don Rickles is one of a kind.

    • Gobo

      Don Rickles has been doing his utterly un-PC insult-comic for nearly 60 years and has been working steadily for nearly the entire time. Yeah, I’d say that’s success.

  • Speak truth to power.

  • Hah! That was a fun rant.

    Do you think Don Rickles will still continue to be the voice of Mr. Potato head?

    • Kyle Maloney

      For what exactly? Toy Story Toons? Of course. As long as he’s still alive and as long as they still do new things with the character I don’t see why he wouldnt.

      • He’s probably referring to Toy Story 4, which has been getting rumored about since someone asked Tom Hanks and he said they’re planning it.

      • wever

        If not, they’ll just replace him like they did Slinky or Fillmore from Cars. …you know….. Hollywood.

      • I was referring to Toy Story— but not Toy Story 4. The ending of Toy Story 3 was pitch perfect and shouldn’t be continued with a number 4.

        As for the Toy Story universe, I think it would be appropriate if Pixar greenlights a Toy Story ‘slice of life’-esque animated series, which should continue the adventures of Woody, Buzz and the gang with Bonnie. But that’s my opinion.

      • Funkybat

        I do hope that Toy Story 3 remains the final Toy Story feature forever. It was a beautiful closer for a landmark film series, and while it’s tempting to restart the whole cycle over again now that they are with Bonnie, part of what made TS3 so poignant was that it completed the “life cycle” of toys. I would love to see more Toy Story shorts, though not necessarily with every new Pixar film. Do them every 2 or 3 years, as long as there are still funny ideas and stories to tell.

      • joe


  • Tedzey

    Wow, one of the original roasters roasting John lasseter, pretty freaking awesome!

  • Brilliant. And he got away with that stuff when he was younger too. But now, truly, he can say whatever the heck he wants.

  • A national treasure. We should cherish every moment he’s “on stage” with a microphone in his hand.

  • Family Guy

    NOW we know who writes that Fuck Yeah John Lasseter tumblr !

  • mark

    this is why he’s a comedy legend

    (looks like Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, and Cheech Marin were doing their best to hold in their laughter…)

  • hahahaha – that was awesome! gotta appreciate the unscripted comedic talent.

  • Emily

    This is amazing. Don Rickles is hilarious!

  • Man, I would totally set up a multi-billion dollar animation studio in order to get roasted by Rickles. It’d be an honor!

  • Mister Twister

    Now this is quality comedy.