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First images from Pixar’s “Brave”

Entertainment Weekly has posted these intriguing images from Pixar’s 2012 release, Brave. The EW post also mentions that the film’s director credit will be shared by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman, despite the fact that Chapman (who conceived the film) was dismissed from the project last October.

(Thanks, Adam Blair)

  • Iritscen

    Intriguing. I’ve been looking forward to this movie more than almost anything else on the movie horizon, ever since it was first publicly named as “The Bear and the Bow”. I’m hoping and expecting that Pixar is going to move somewhat away from their usual comedic tone (and cartoonish action even in the somewhat-serious scenes, as seen in “Up”). Not that I don’t love their previous films, but I’m interested to see where else Pixar can go, tonally and stylistically.

  • Wow! The more I see and hear, the more I like! Kelly MacDonald is a fantastic, ideal choice to voice the main character, and I am geeking out about Emma Thompson voicing a Pixar character. I hope the final film retains the moody vibrancy of these beautiful paintings! Even though Craig Ferguson has a great voice for animation, I just hope the movie doesn’t project too much of a ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ similarity vibe with the warrior action. Is Robbie Coltrane going to be a Hagrid look-alike?

    • J.M

      Agreed, I love the sweetness of her voice whenever she contradicts Steve Buscemi.

      Now This Film I´m looking forward to!

  • Angry Anim

    I think I once had a calendar with these paintings on it in 1982.

    • Ferg

      You’re right. It’s like fantasy art minus the fantasy.

    • Nik

      Oh yeah, the backgrounds look like Hildebrand Bros. paintings.

      For those who don’t know or remember them, the Hildebrands painted artwork for many of the early Tolkien calendars in the 1980s.

    • Sorry but the artwork really doesn’t inspire me so far. Pick up reprints of Simon Bisley’s “Slaine” for 2000ad and you’ll see an even bigger influence on this artist than the previously mentioned Hildebrands

  • I expect good things from this film, especially since with Cars 2 and Monsters Inc. 2, this is the only Pixar movie I look forward to seeing.

  • Kieran Pertnav

    Definitely seeing some influence from Andrews’ work on Samurai Jack on those images. He’s a very talented artist and storyboarded some great episodes.

    • Bud

      Doubt that. These were done quite a while ago, long before Brenda left the film.

  • Not a merchandise-driven sequel?! I’m starting to lower my trust in Pixar. I really hope this is good.

  • Mike B.

    And it looks like we’ll be getting a trailer soon…

    • Jason

      Man finally! An actual reason to watch Cars 2.

      • Hugo


  • Let us hope Chapman’s influence is still felt strongly. Her directing it is what attracted me to the movie in the first place.

  • snip2435

    Ooooooh a red-head! :D

    Giving Brenda Chapman co-directing credit is really gracious of them. Pixar is known for that anyway.

  • Mark R.

    these images – do not – get me excited about the film.

    Looking forward to a trailer.

  • augh I’m SO EXCITED

    I’m pleased that the mysterious codirector whose identity was kept a secret for some reason? or something? seems to be Brenda Chapman after all. After all, she laid the foundation that Mark Andrews is presumably remodeling.

    Also pleased that Merida will be voiced by someone actually Scottish. It always seems the tiniest bit disrespectful to me to hire American actors to put on their best Scottish accents to create a movie all about Scotland.

  • Shawn’s Bro

    Looking forward to some real “Gurl power!” action here. Got a feeling all those bigoted male warriors will learn a thing or two about sexual equality by the story’s finale as well.

    Hopefully those idjits at PIXAR doesn’t mess up an obvious theme by stupidly sabotaging expectations. ;)

    • Chelsea

      And who are these ‘bigoted male warriors’?

  • Gurl power, Shawn’s Bro? Don’t get your hopes up.

    • Yeah… the chances of that sure would have been better if it was still actually being directed by a woman.

  • I know we usually discourage judging much on a film based solely on scant amounts of reference…but…uh…I LOVE these images (most notably the third one here) and I’m already hooked waiting for more. Looks like I’m booking a viewing for Cars 2 to catch the trailer.

    • You go to Cars 2 just to catch the trailer for Brave? Why not just wait a week or two until it gets online?

  • So this is pixar’s first time of stepping into the fantasy eh? This could be interesting I shall await for a trailer to judge if this will be good or not. For some reason, the last image reminds of Miyazaki.

  • Jorge Garrido

    I expect this is going to be an excellent, shallow action film with great sword fights. Give me Brenda Chapman’s personal, literate 19th century fairy tale over that any day.

  • chipper

    Looks pretty so far. Nice to finally have a female protagonist. The Incredibles shared the space a lot, but generally females don’t get enough screentime in Pixar.

    • Katie M.

      Pixar has some of the strongest and most interesting female side characters though. You’ve got to respect them for not hyper-sexualizing them like other studios. The queen ant from A Bugs Life, Dory from Finding Nemo, Trixi from TS3…

      • fish

        Mirage from “the Incredibles” … oh wait …

      • hello!! what about Eve!?

        though she softens up at the end. i liked it better when she was shooting everything..

  • wgan

    Hey, i’ve got a better title, how about rangamania

  • I mean, I like BG’s, but I want charcater designs!!!
    But what we have seen so far, it is definately a new direction for the happy poppy Pixar. Hopefully the female lead won’t turn off the male audience. Animation work your magic and good use of storytelling.So once they come out with charcater designs, I will be even more stoked.

  • Toonio

    A Carrot Top inspired hero/heroine? Ok, tell me more if this is not going down the Black Cauldron Ave.

  • CC

    I am also happy to see a female lead- though, why must a strong female always be described as a ‘tomboy’?

    Also,Billy Connolly and Craig Ferguson? I’m excited.

    • Kate

      Well the the last two female leads in big animated movies (Princess and the Frog and Tangled) were more princessy than tomboyish, don’t you think?
      I am looking forward to this… I hope it will be like Beauty and the Beast in mood (although that is asking a lot)

      • CC

        No, agreed. I’m just tired of that description, “tomboy”.

  • The Iron Giant influence is quite obvious in Image 1.

  • Anoniguy

    Three pieces of concept art get released, folks immediately go ‘I’m worried’ or ‘not excited’.

    Fickle, fickle.

    It’s Pixar. How bad could it be?

    Loving that red hair. Good god. And there’s the bear right there amongst the rocks. Niiiiiiice. If that shot’s in the film, I’m gonna grin like a fool. I love it.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    So, is this their response to How to Train Your Dragon, or was that Dreamworks’ response to this?

    • IO

      No & no. They have nothing whatever to do with each other.

  • I’ve noticed a theme with Pixar films and one word titles.

    • Jane

      I like the old title better

  • I haven’t been keeping up on the news about this film, so I know very little about it. These three images alone make me want to see it. What stands out for me in the first two images is how beautifully and skillfully light and shadows are used.

  • I hope that this movie goes well, I believe it will. My problem will be the distraction that this movie is so different from what Brenda originally planned. Almost like “Bolt” – good movie, but what would’ve been if the original director was there instead…time will tell.

    • i love Brenda’s work, but what HAD she originally planned?
      maybe i haven’t been following too much, but how can you tell?

  • Vzk

    Is anyone else hoping for a PG-13 rating?

    • Bud

      No. Why would anyone care? Seriously, why not just say “Is anyone else hoping for a great movie?” Let’s hope it is! Besides, I doubt Pixar and Disney would limit their market to such a thing.

      • Ron

        Incredibles was their 1st PG13 film and it made the most money (at the time) for pixar.

  • NC

    Does anyone else get the feeling that we’re waiting for a wanna-be Nausicaa?

    • I think the world could do with MORE wanna-be Nausicaa movies, in my opinion. =)

      • NC

        Because we need more knock-offs and rehashed ideas =)

  • Disney/PIxar released a fourth image this evening:

  • Alissa

    Well, it’s pretty? Not much else to say at this point. I just hope they keep these nice subtle colors.

  • the color scheme is nice. i hope they keep it in the final

  • Jimmy

    This gives me that Pixar vibe, i don’t think it’s going to be any different from other Pixar movies, but let’s hope though.

  • I’m looking forward to this, and I’m already in love with the main character. Go red-heads!!
    Though when I see these images I really wish Pixar would go 2D for a feature film. I mean, I love watching 3D animation but when I look at concept art, character designs and stuff it always kind of breaks my heart because I think how beautiful it would’ve looked in traditional animation. HTTYD or Kung Fu Panda, for example. (but maybe that’s just because I love Nico Marlet so much)

  • Looks great – a little bit of the Book of Kells in there I think??

  • Spencer

    Next race of Disney Princess: the Ginger.

  • John Herzog

    I wonder if Chapman’s credit will appear much like Jan Pinkava’s did at the end of “Ratatouille.” No swishing or whooshing towards his co-director credit; just tiny letters listed after the main cast and crew. No credit on the posters or other promotional material. Just an inauspicious credit towards the end of the movie after most have already left the theater or turned off the movie.

    Nothing against Brad Bird or anything; he really had nothing to do with it. Pinkava’s credit just always felt like a slap in the face to me. It’s a shame how things turned out for him on that movie, and it’s a shame how things turned out for Chapman on “Brave.” The concept art looks great, but so did the concept art for “American Dog” and we all know how that turned out.

    I’m hoping for the best with Andrews at the helm. At the very least it’s not another sequel.

  • Look at that hair! This looks pretty different (except for that Tarzanesque image). Looks like they are applying some of the softening tools applied to Bolt and Tangled..