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Fuck Yeah John Lasseter

Fuck Yeah John Lasseter

I think we can all agree that the drawings on Fuck Yeah John Lasseter are fan-f**cking-tastic! The humor is pretty insider-baseball, but if you’re a Pixar/Lasseter fan, you’ll get a kick out of this Tumblr.

Fuck Yeah John Lasseter
  • Andrew

    Politics aside, who did these amazing drawings?

    • Dan Kyder

      I get the impression there’s some intentional level of anonymity in play here

      • sssess

        some of them have SGO11 signed on them

      • But they’re signed!

      • His initials are SG, but since Amid knows him as well and didn’t mention his real name, I guess I should do the same. He is a great artist that more people should know….maybe someday.

      • david

        he’s a super awesome artist, but probably one that doesn’t want his name out there for the CB commenting audience to take a poo on. Respect his anonymity and enjoy the drawings.

      • Joe

        He honestly sounds like a guy who can’t take what he dishes out. =\

  • Mat H

    Seems a little mean spirited to me. But DAMN, really nice drawings!!

    • James Ciambor

      Do I find these drawings well executed? Yes. Do I find them funny? Well I do but be careful where you show them because this could turn a few heads.

      I skimmed through his drawings of Lassater and have to say they are really offensive. Hes talented and his drawings are appealing but I can’t even say that its dark comedy in some instances. Because he puts this in such a negative context that some would state hes gone to far.

      It doesn’t matter that this artist is talented when it gets to this level, the content is a bit caustic. Not to be entirely cruel to him some of the drawings have appeal, but the issue is that if you have a sense of humor, try to not be overly dependent on trashing other peoples names. As they have accomplished so much more than you.

      Firstly Nazism is a sacred topic amongst many, that must be handled with care considering that many of the brightest minds and artists were casualties to Hitler. Lassater empowers aritstic talent to a much greater level than his executive peers at Dreamworks or Blue Sky. He is the opposite of what that drawing implied which to me is the most offensive of them all.

      Also concerning Lassater fornicating with Myiazaki.
      Its a two way streak, Myazaki loves Pixar on the same level. You would be surprised to see how many Japanese Animators respect American cartoons greater than our own artists do. Its like our self-esteem on what were able to produce has deteriorated. We need to reassure that we have the ability to deliver and John Lassater is leading the way.

      Do I find these drawings well executed, yes. Do I find them funny, well I do but be careful where you show them because this could turn a few heads.

      • fish

        Ok, I’m actually a little embarrassed for you after reading this post.
        You have to be on Lasseter’s payroll right?
        I don’t dispute that some of the illustrations are harsh in their implied criticisms of Lasseter, obviously someone has some bitterness. But art over the years that is spawned from the need to roast someone, be it political in nature or otherwise, is ALWAYS harsh. Thus the term “roast”.
        The term “fornication” is a little heavy when really looking at that pic, isn’t it? I mean, c’mon!
        And as far as getting so worked up over the nazi reference … well that’s just plain adoration induced overreaction on your part, if you don’t mind me saying. Ever since the Seinfeld soup nazi episode it is commonplace in our pop culture driven society to refer to those who exercise power over us as nazi’s – plain and simple. You can’t deny that, so don’t even bother trying.
        I thought some of the pics were harsh, and some not so harsh, some were amusing, and some weren’t at all. But I don’t think singing Lasseter’s praises, as though he really needed someone like me to defend him to the general masses, is very warranted … so I won’t.

      • James Ciambor

        I’m aware of insider-baseball. As a result all of them I am fine with the drawings with the exception of The Nazi Reference which is all I was trashing. Especially when Lassater is liberating to artists he shouldn’t be caricatured in that sense. Just compare him to Dreamworks or Blue Sky he obviously allows artists to express themselves to a greater extent. I call BS that you should be embarrassed for me. I made a valid point, I respectfully disagree.

        Firstly I’m not the only one that would be offended this would spin a few heads, namely the politically correct who has a field day for any Nazi references. While its not certain what Lassater’s reaction would be because he does live in a bubble when it comes to this stuff it could go either way.

        Like I said the Nazi bit could go either way for people. The only reason I’m offended is because that this artist was aware of the people he could offend but knowingly went forward, having no real political insight or historical understanding, he didn’t even have the consent of Pixar. That is the reason.

        Seinfield did not make it tolerable to bring such a sacred topic into the comedic mainstream. You would be surprised to see how many people would lose it upon seeing this.

        That remains the worst of his drawings, its at the same level of draftsmanship as the others but is very abrasive. It also has none of the appeal of the others which are done with respect to Lassater. The Nazi reference just goes all at it without respect or dignity for the man. I think that people that are close to John at Pixar, that know he is much more creatively liberating than the other studios, would have mixed feelings for this not all of them positive.

        Secondly I not disputing his talent this kid could use it for other purposes, than to trash a man who has accomplished more than almost anyone alive in animation. Lassater practically launched the multi-billion dollar CGI industry with Toy Story and took it away from its niche origins.

        Why doesn’t this kid try to obtain an internship at Pixar and discover John’s ways. Firstly the food is free, nearly everyone makes some creative contribution, and they exist like an intimate family in a way that doesn’t exist in the harsher atmosphere at Dreamworks, or Blue Sky.

      • Jorge Garrido

        So James, what you’re saying is, for all intensive purposes, it’s a doggy dog world in the animations industry?

      • fish

        James James.
        Have you even WORKED at Pixar, Dreamworks, or Bluesky?
        I am fully and completely confident that you haven’t.
        And yet you seem to be an expert, based on some formulated degree of experience I guess, on the dreary dungeons of Bluesky and Dreamworks.
        I actually have first hand experience of working in and around those studios for many years, and you could NOT be more wrong when referencing the “atmosphere” in any of those places.
        And just to add something extra, if and when you actually find yourself employed at either Pixar or Dreamworks, feel free to do a little informal survey. How many people leave Dreamworks to work at Pixar, versus how many leave Pixar to work at Dreamworks. Try the latter … by a large margin. “Harsher Atmosphere” … uh huh.

      • James Ciambor

        In the grand scheme of things, the only point I was trying to make was not who had the most experience but how we lack integrity these days.

        Fish I’m not doubting your experience, I’m only analyzing things from a teenagers perspective and the inside-baseball that is made public so your right I’m looking from the outside in. But how do some of these jokes don’t apply to Lassater. How does nazism relate to Mr.Lassater? Even if it is funny how is that relative to a man that has creatively liberated people? Even in 1995 finding a place for artists to express themselves was scarce. He could have made a joke about his obesity, the Shrek bit was actually beautiful and accurate.

        Again I’m not alone on this, its your kind of humor and I get that. Though in the end if they accept this people will start to think that all forms are acceptable, like that link I showed faking John K’s death.

        There’s a line that has been crossed.

      • Rodrigo

        James, the food is free at DreamWorks. I pay about 11 bucks for lunch whenever I visit Pixar.

        And to say John has creatively liberated people is an hyperbolic assumption. Disney animators will tell you otherwise in a heartbeat.

        Stop beating off to Toy Story and stop acting like you barely made it out of Auschwitz. Also, I highly recommend Kung Fu Panda part 1.

      • James Ciambor

        Stop with the holocaust jokes yourself. Also that link I showed made a point about what kind of humor this industry has, and since when is Lassater relevant to Nazi’s? All good enough questions.

    • James Ciambor

      By the way “Fish” it seems that the 16 people that agree with you didn’t really comprehend what I meant. Nazism references are in atrocious taste. You want to continue to antagonize me about it your antagonizing millions of others who have contempt for Nazism no matter what context.

      • Jorge Garrido

        James, Nazi references are a legit source of comedy. This guy wants to use A,B,C, and all the way to Z to express himself. You want to take some of the letters out of the alphabet. You want to limit his crayons. The Internet doesn’t work that way. True independence means you can paint with ALL the colours of the wind.

        As for being abrasive and caustic, yes, that’s the point. It’s about blowing off steam. It’s about taking the worst ideas in people’s heads and laughing at them.

        The entire point of comedy is saying something that probably wasn’t too polite to say.

      • James Ciambor

        The issue stems from the fact that referencing Nazism is still a sacred topic and many would consider it in poor taste. The 24 people that agreed with Fish don’t realize that their are possibly 24 million that might take some form of offense to this, I’m not alone.

        As one of the other users said:

        “For me,the anti-semitic aspersions is where this is no longer good natured passive agressive locker-room digging at a boss.”

        Again the only reason I took offense to this is because, he knew that he might piss people off in the process of doing this. You don’t do comedy to literally piss off people that is when you lose your credibility they have to be aware of your abrasive sense of humor.

        If you let these emotions go, it is hilarious yes, but I think the artist could have used more high-brow humor than to sink to this.

        By the way our society has descended to using this kind of humor.


    • James Ciambor

      Now that link I showed you, showcases how we joke about our animation heroes. In such an atrocious way its common place these days, we need to find a better brand of humor.

      • tom

        Honest to Christ, are you really lecturing a bunch of writers, cartoonists, artists and animators about what they should find funny? What the fudge?

      • Anonymous

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  • whippersnapper

    Very bitter.

    But very well-drawn.

    But very bitter.

  • Hmmm…interesting designs on that one shirt.

  • All jokes aside I hope the Lasseter stops pushing his “car” toy pet-projects else he’ll end up doing to Pixar what George Lucas did to Lucasfilms.

    • Stephen M. Levinson

      Why would he stop when Cars has made over $8 billion dollars?

      • common human decency?

        Or from a business standpoint, to stop destroying a world class brand that will be rendered useless if poor movies keep coming out under it’s banner.

        It’s simple, a few years ago people would go see a Pixar movie sight-unseen, as they never make a bad film. Once they poison the well with bad movies, the Pixar brand will not hold the same value and even their good films will have to fight for an audience.

        Cars is in large part riding on, and at the same time destroying the good will earned by Pixar’s hard earned history of solid story telling.

  • Rufus

    Wait, Lasseter making out with Miyazaki…what?
    If I was Lasseter I think I’d find some humor in this, even though this is really freakin’ mean. John’s a really nice guy. I’m sure like everyone else he has shortcomings and parts of his personality that get on other people’s nerves, but he’s earned the right.

    Hats off to the balls on the person who drew this.

    • jack

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  • BAhahahahahahahha~! cough cough wheeeze…hahahahhahaha!
    The Miyazaki one is classic.

  • Rezz

    Really awesome! I esp love the miyazaki drawing since it’s so painfully true.

  • When’s Cartoon Brew starting up a tumblr? And do you need someone to help you guys moderate/run it? (ahem)

  • wgan

    don’t be fooled by his tons of Hawaii shirts and secret stair to toy train room, deep inside, he’s such a business big fcuker whos more businessy than anyone else (probably beside Jobs); it’s Pixar’s LUCK to have him from the very beginning, otherwise it’s very likely those talented creative suckers end up crawling in the small cubic in some studios.

  • Fantastic, those drawings are amazing. I also want to know who made them.

    I didn’t get the one of “Family entertainment” tho………

    • Its a drawing of Pete Doctor, the director responsible for heart string plucking family entertainment like Monsters Inc. and UP, the irony is that he’s a fairly frightening looking individual…at least…when put under the artists hand.

  • Louis

    what’s with all the Pete Docter hate?

    • amid

      The gag drawings that Disney and Warner Bros. artists did of each other back in the Golden Age were equally cutting. Making commentaries through cartoons is what cartoonists do. I think it’s odd to use the word hate when there’s clearly so much effort invested into making the drawings funny and appealing.

      • Alberto

        And yet poison is all I got from those Pete Docter drawings

      • johnbigbooteh

        “The gag drawings that Disney and Warner Bros. artists did of each other back in the Golden Age were equally cutting.”

        Yes, but they weren’t broadcast to the world via the internet. To have your whole site dedicated to this is a little bit of a hate fest, or maybe it’s envy.

      • Was My Face Red

        ‘I think it’s odd to use the word hate when there’s clearly so much effort invested into making the drawings funny and appealing.’ What a bogus argument Amid. One of your worst ever. Something can’t be hateful if it’s also well executed? Really?

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Well, blame the internet for giving some of those out there an ‘outlet’ they’d never have doing these things internally.

      • david

        “Yes, but they weren’t broadcast to the world via the internet. To have your whole site dedicated to this is a little bit of a hate fest, or maybe it’s envy.”

        This was a relatively underground/secret tumblr that was shared between friends until Amid decided to post it. I fear that the author, my bud, will not post anymore. Oh well.

        Again it just goes to show, everyone is okay bashing other heavy hitters in animation (john k, dreamworks, seth mcfarlane) but somehow pixar is exempt from criticism of any kind.

      • johnbigbooteh

        To even think anything posted on the internet will remain private is laughable.

    • Funkybat

      Exaggerated, even grotesque caricatures of one’s colleagues and rivals is as old as professional cartooning itself. There’s something different with some of these, something that suggests a highly bitter level of emotion directed at the subjects of the drawings. They are clearly the product of a talented artist with some sharpened personal axes to grind. I wouldn’t equate them with the typical “corkboard caricatures” I’ve seen from either the golden age or modern era workplaces.

      • FYI

        Oh baloney. There’s a lot of gag drawings from the “golden age” you’ve never seen. And a lot you haven’t seen that good friends do of each other today. The friendlier the guys, the nastier they usually are, in fact.
        These aren’t between friends, but they’re damn funny.. I doubt the caricature of Pete Docter would bug him in the least. He’s a cartoonist and knows a great drawing when he sees it.

      • Right. It is highly likely that Lasseter and Doctor are unfazed. After all, they both clearly have a great sense of humor AND clearly know how to be focused on what really matters most. Lastly, all of us would do well to attempt to take ourselves, Pixar, and the world of animation a lot less seriously. Remember, they used to be called “cartoons” and they were “funny”. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, anyone, any race, any success level, any group, etc. then we’re not enjoying life much. Laughter is the best medicine. When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. (they are laughing AND sailing at Pixar, and no, I’ve never worked there) %= J

  • 2011 Adult

    It may not have been your doing, but the very title of the post does not invite Safe For Work guidelines. Some of us do view Cartoon Brew at work.

    • If cartoons are for adults, then cartoon blogs are for adults, too.

    • tom

      Well, get back to work then. Any tight-assed employer that would give a shit about this site would more than likely not be too happy about you slacking off when there are all of those TPS reports to file.

  • Dave

    Some pretty nice (though petulant) drawings , but what a moronic name for a blog.

    • How about “I’m John Lasseter, Bitch!!”

      • tom

        Or something funny and not seven years old.

    • Dan Ang

      Calling things “Fuck Yeah ____” is a tumblr meme.

      • Dave

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  • Rooniman

    I love these so much now.

  • Sardonic Tuba

    Popping overinflated egos and poking sacred cows with electric cattle prods is a cartoonist’s sacred duty.

  • Sevard

    The in-joke sketches studio animators have done about each other since the dawn of the business are seldom PC. Weird thing about this Tumblr is it’s going out to all of mankind. It would be like running a closeup shot of Kate Smith’s panties on the front page of the New York Times after she ripped a high note singing “God Bless America”: something best left private. And no, that’s not a lot of Kate Smith hate. It’s a joke.

  • tredlow

    “Fuck Yeah John Lasseter are fan-f**cking-tastic”

    I love how you typed “Fuck” and “f**k” in the same sentence.

  • These drawings look like they were done by David Gemmill, the guy who did the comic “Sorry Guys” among other things.

    • david

      Not me. they were done by my way more talented friend.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    Well, there are always I.P. addresses if someone wanted to make a case for liable.

    Not too swift wHether the individual works there or not.

    For me,the anti-semitic aspersions is where this is no longer good natured passive agressive locker-room digging at a boss.

    • Funkybat

      I think you mean libel. And I would think that cartoons like this would fall under first amendment protections, unless they portrayed, in a non-parodic way, that the subject said or did something that they in fact never did. I’ve never heard of editorial cartoons being sued for libel, at least in the U.S.A. Insults, even very unrealistically exaggerated ones, do not necessarily constitute libel.

  • I don’t get all the jokes but the drawings are cool. They seem “all in good fun”. My shelf of Disney history books is packed with such drawings of animators and office personnel.

  • this must be that earth humour I have heard of. The drawings are quite nice though

  • Saturnome

    I love the milk one with the Luxo Jr acting as the evil mastermind’s cat.

  • Oh my God.
    “These are too mean! They are being broadcast! WAAAAH!”
    They are damned funny. John is a big guy (literally!) he can take a few “insults”.
    By the way, back at Disney during the 80’s and 90’s, Gary Trousedale used to do the most cutting, acerbic drawings of then Disney Animation Boss Jeffery Katzenburg. Apparently, Jeffery knew all about them.
    His reaction? He asked Gary to gather them up every year and SEND THEM TO HIM.
    Why? He thought they were funny.
    Stop being a bunch of babies on John’s behalf!

    • fish

      amen John.



    • Hoganilly

      As whippersnapper said, “Bitter.” Very bitter, very obviously so.

      • As I said before: Wah.

      • Whippersnapper

        U mad bro? *trollface*

        Aw, I’m just kidding. Yes, I did say they were bitter. But I never said they weren’t funny. Nobody’s baww-ing here.

    • johnbigbooteh

      So John, you’d have no problem with an anonymous poster on the internet dedicating an entire website to ridicule and insult you?

      Hmmm, I seem to recall an earlier post on a different thread here on the Brew where you didn’t appreciate that too much. Well, I guess it’s okay and justified for you when it’s someone “you” don’t like.

  • Yaro

    Damn…. I cant believe this in cartoon brew. Anybody noticed the penis hidden in his hawaian shirt???
    This cartoons are really offensive.

    • Jorge Garrido


  • Mic

    People commented that these drawings are inside jokes.
    But how come I understand almost every gags being drawn here even when I’m living at the opposite side of the world?

    Maybe what’s happening at Pixar is pretty well known than many people would think.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Reminds me of the old Walt Disney dynamiting Ward Kimball’s train set comic.

  • Tony C

    I don’t think the drawings are that good.

  • Vic

    Not that I know a thing about the origins of this blog, but I think it’s important to note that sometimes someone who is bitter has earned the right. Unless you think that in the corporate animation world the artist is always in the wrong when it comes to conflicts with management. God knows they’re not always right, either, but still, there does seem to be a common theme emerging from ex-Pixarites these days, no?

  • These drawings express either two things to me. They either show how little this guy thinks of the medium of drawing, believing it is not as powerful as it really is or it shows how shallow this person is as a human being, making fun of someone fully aware of what his drawings can do. What if one of Pete Docter’s or John Lasseter’s kids are given these pictures. Would it be funny then? The old Disney artists and WB artists personally knew most of the people the made gag drawings for. As stated earlier in the comment section, they also made the drawings not thinking they were going to be broadcast all through out the world. And I have yet to see drawings that were as vulgar as some of these ones. Yet, even if some are as vulgar as these ones, does it somehow make it okay to advertise them because they are “great” Disney/WB artist making the vulgar drawings and they can draw well?

    I can understand the WB and Disney artists making cruel drawings out of frustration and stress. This guy does not seem to have an excuse he just wants to be mean, and it is sad to see Amid support him. It is like me telling the kids they can make fun of other kids as long the kids they are making fun of are rich. Lasseter and Pete can take a punch and be made fun of because they are rich and successful right?

    These kind of drawings will do nothing to change the way John works. Just like the drawings the Disney artists did for Jeff Katzenberg. They did nothing to change his way of working. Give me a story about a Pixar or Disney artist standing up to Lasseter and expressing their frustration in a way that can actually make a difference. This kind of stuff is typical Hollywood business stuff. They are drawings that will appeal to the shallowest part of us and give Amid traffic to support his site/job.

    • Ryoku75

      I was worried right when the article started with a phrase that isn’t exactly mature.

    • Oluseyi

      I wonder if you realize you just used the “think of the kids” excuse for, in effect, censorship?

      If John’s or Pete’s kids saw this, they might get their feelings hurt. They’ll live.

  • chris

    The picture portion was pretty lame. Nice drawings though. Too bad all that hard work was wasted on something like making fun of John Lasseter.

  • anonymous

    I Don’t think you can compare this with Golden age gag drawings studio artists did. I am sure they did they’re fair share of making fun of each other but this is devoting a blog to one actual person ( mostly) and directing all their built up energy to it

    On a side note he must have went to school in canada judging by his diploma.

  • What the hell happened to everyone’s sense of humor? A steady diet of Pixar will make you thin-skinned to biting, overtly hyperbolic gag cartoons, kids.

    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

      I was born with an acute humor deficiency and I’ll thank you to respect my disease!

  • Amazing drawings. Looks like they were done in MS Paint. If ever this is a good example as to how the tool is not match for the talent. Wow. Also, funny.

    • That or Photoshop with Anti-aliasing turned off. But I really hope it’s MS Paint! And yes, hilarious!

  • tommy

    If John Lasseter is willing to kill Pixar in cold blood by making Cars 2, I don’t think he’s going to lose sleep over someone drawing him with a *gasp* PENIS on one of his 100,000 Hawaiian shirts.

    Ack! Someone made fun of a rich celebrity! Sign my online petition to protect John Lasseter’s gentle, innocent soul from ever having to come into contact with some coarse parody!

  • Yes.

    @Jacob Boelman:
    “Lasseter and Pete can take a punch and be made fun of because they are rich and successful right?”


  • Mic

    “Lasseter and Pete can take a punch and be made fun of because they are rich and successful right?”

    Do you seriously think that those are the reasons he’s made fun of?

    • Sorry man I should have explained myself better. I just think people use the fact of John and Pete being rich and successful as an excuse to saying making fun of them is alright. Making fun of poor people in our society is usually looked down upon, because no matter what crap they have done they have had “a hard life” and it is bad to push them farther down then they already are. Not the case with rich people. They can take our insults because they are rich and successful and for some reason deserve more of our insults. The bottom line is nobody is perfect, but no matter who the person is and how rich and successful he or she might be, I believe these kind of drawings and insults are not warranted and do little to help anyone. However, they can do a lot to hurt someone.

      • Jorge Garrido

        “The bottom line is nobody is perfect, but no matter who the person is and how rich and successful he or she might be, I believe these kind of drawings and insults are not warranted and do little to help anyone.”

        It’s not the job of comedy or humour to help anyone. Its only responsibility is to be funny.

        Reminds me of David Mamet fielding a question from a student after previewing his play Oleanna at a college.

        “Don’t you think this play is politically insensitive?”

        “I wasn’t aware it was my job to be politically sensitive. I thought my job was to be Dramatic.”

        “However, they can do a lot to hurt someone.”

        So are we now officially retiring the phrase “Sticks and Stones make break my bones, but worlds will never hurt me.”

        Some cliched aphorisms end because they’re overused. Some end because they stop being true or relevant in society. People think humour is the same as hate speech now. Words hurt! And everything you say has to carefully and judiciously consider every person and every viewpoint equally. No hyperbole, exaggeration, or generalization is fair. And we have to be sensitive now.

        Aristotle once said harsh words don’t cause harm. Only pain. But I don’t think pain hurts a person, no pun intended. Pain is good. Pain makes your stronger. Pain is weakness leaving the body, pain makes you feel something, it makes your brain expand. Pain is not hurt. Pain is not harm. Pain is helpful.

      • This guys goal was not to help anyone. Explain to your kids or friends that when they get hurt by someone making fun of them it is good because “pain is helpful”. I personally think the crap that will come from these pictures is the stuff that will bring people down not help them. There is a difference between one man having “harsh words” with a friend alone in order to help his friend see a fault and some random guy posting harsh pictures online for everyone to see because he wants to get popular through his cruelty. These drawings are not the end of the world or anything. They are just shallow and mean spirited. The big problem I think is the fact that they appeal to so many people and most people are justifying them by saying “they are just drawings” as if they do not think drawings are that powerful. For goodness sakes most people on this blog should know the power of a drawing and how hurtful they can be.

  • Not right now, thank you.

    I don’t know why people think this is mean spirited.

    I think this makes John look awesome.

    • Jorge Garrido

      Now, let me ask you this, is there one specific beef you have been Pixar and Lasseter, or was it more a general series of incidents that developed over the years that led to this work?

      I LIKE the fact that this is emotionally charged. Because emotions are funnier than anything. Humour that’s infused with emotion is 150% funny.

      • Not right now, thank you.

        I…don’t know?

  • OtherDan

    Haha! I have only one guess who did those. The Baby Lasseter/Miyazaki one is the giveaway. The most interesting thing about it is the attempt to mask an inherent style.

  • MJ

    You guys, SG aren’t initials at all. These are done by ultimate crime fighter Steven Sgoll.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    The Shrek one’s pretty funny, but I think the Nazi one goes a little too far. It doesn’t make much sense to me anyway, because I think referring to people as nazis should be an insult reserved for those who actually give the impression of fascism or hateful bigotry, neither of which I’ve seen from Lasseter. I had an asshole boss not too long ago, but shit, the guy’s sure as hell not a nazi. Could be I just don’t know everything about Lasseter.

    Otherwise, they’re very professional and expressive sketches.

  • Jorge Garrido

    “I can understand the WB and Disney artists making cruel drawings out of frustration and stress. This guy does not seem to have an excuse he just wants to be mean, and it is sad to see Amid support him.”

    So now you’re inside his head and know his motivations?

    “It is like me telling the kids they can make fun of other kids as long the kids they are making fun of are rich. Lasseter and Pete can take a punch and be made fun of because they are rich and successful right?”

    No, they can be made fun of because EVERYONE can be made fun of. It is 100% ok to ATTEMPT to make fun of EVERYONE. If a guy tries and fails to make fun of something, and he fails, and he’s not funny in your opinion, that’s legit. Then your legit response can be “That wasn’t funny and you SUCK.” and then you can make fun of that guy for being an unfunny loser.

    But saying “Oh, so now this guy thinks it’s ok to make fun of X and Y?” is stupid. Of course it is.

    • Whippersnapper

      “It is 100% ok to attempt to make fun of everyone”

      You must’ve been really popular on the playground. I’m sure the other kiddlies appreciated your “anyone’s game” policy.

      Sorry if I seem snotty. I was just bullied really heavily when I was a kid for being “odd”, so I don’t appreciate your “survival of the fittest” outlook when it comes to insult humor.

      For the record though, before I get accused of being a “thin-skinned Pixar worshipper” or some nonsense, I really don’t think these drawings (which were meant to be privately viewed between buddies) are malicious in nature. It seems like the artist was just venting. Like I said earlier, the drawings seem really bitter. But even so, I don’t think he was deliberately being mean, especially because he didn’t know they’d be released.

      • Jorge Garrido

        “You must’ve been really popular on the playground. I’m sure the other kiddlies appreciated your “anyone’s game” policy. Sorry if I seem snotty. I was just bullied really heavily when I was a kid for being “odd”, so I don’t appreciate your “survival of the fittest” outlook when it comes to insult humor.”

        I was bullied, too. But there’s a difference between words and being hit. I believe you be allowed to smash any sacred cows you can, and any attempt at humour about any subject is legit. No subject is off-limits.

        You can’t put limits on comedy.

  • John A

    I want to see more.

  • Ryoku75

    Meh, none of these impress me, they’re too scribbley.

    I don’t see what makes Lasseter comparable to a nazi, I don’t find it offensive or anything, I just don’t get the joke.

    And somebody please tell me what was so bad about Cars 2, can’t a filmmaker try to get a little extra money?

    • tom

      It’s not a filmmaker trying to make more money, it’s a multi billion dollar studio “trying to make more money” at the expense of taste and artistry. I’m happy that the fucking thing tanked as hard as it did. Cars was hands down the shittiest thing they’ve ever done, and when friends of mine say they love it because their little snowflakes enjoyed it, I want to point out that kids will watch a toilet flush all afternoon at a young age, but that don’t make it art. Paying for shit ensures more shit will be coming for your money later.

  • hash

    “Meh, none of these impress me, they’re too scribbley.”
    glen keanes stuff must be a nightmare for you then

  • Michel Van

    nasty, wittiest Humor…

    • John A

      It’s always best
      when said in jest!