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New “Brave” trailer

  • Fatty

    Looks cool and I’m looking forward to it…

    I know it will be a completely different movie from HTTYD, but…At 1:40 the dude has a peg leg like Gobber:)

    • j*c*t

      I remember another Scotsman with a peg leg in Samurai Jack. Maybe you should take a peek at the fellas that story boarded that show :)

      • NC

        Wasn’t one of those board artists Mark Andrews?

  • Frank Ziegler

    Waiting for the inevitable articles about how many hairs they can render on a characters head.

  • cijfer

    It really annoys me how girls still can’t just be a hero, without being pointed out that they’re girls.

    • nummer

      Yes, I agree. Totally makes it uninteresting storywise for me.

    • Optimist

      What do you mean, “pointed out”? It’s the story of a person who is in a particular situation, and part of the situation is due to the fact that she is a Queen’s daughter. How she deals with the situation has nothing to do with “being a girl” but instead being a particular person with a unique personality.
      She’s just as heroic in any case.

      • joe

        no, it’s because she’s a girl. They even say it in the trailer. A line from the movie.

      • They don’t say ‘girl’, they say ‘lady’. They’re using in in the old sense of someone refined and dignified. Like the old joke: “That was no lady, that was my wife!” I sense this may be as much about the class struggle as it is about gender issues.

      • Nah! It would be valid if they would have included more female warriors, but nope!

      • Ralph Kramden: “Men. They do it all. Men run this world, Alice. Men. They’re responsible for the shape the world’s in. Men.”

        Alice Kramden: “Well, I’m sure glad to hear one of you admit it.”

    • JustGoodSense

      That’s a fine sentiment and all but, for the first- and second-grade girl who hasn’t seen as many movies as you have, and who’s just been told on the playground by some little asshole that she can’t do something because she’s a girl, this narrative is, for now, a good thing to re-visit from time to time.

      • Optimist

        Wait and see the film.

      • JustGoodSense

        Me? I’m in agreement with you. I was responding to cijfer.

      • Optimist

        Ah! Sorry-misread your comment!

      • B.Bonny

        Girls are just as big or bigger than boys at that age and in my experience don’t have any qualms about proving it.

        = Kim Possible.

    • Charles

      That sums it up exactly. I totally lost interest when i realized the hero of the story had to “overcome” being a girl. That’s such a tired old plot device. plus, didn’t we already do that in Mulan?

      • Brendon

        Yep, and after Mulan, there was never sexism again. No girls ever got told after Mulan that they couldn’t do something because they were a girl.

        The reason this story gets told again is because it’s still relevant/important, and it’s counter to the overwhelming majority of messaging girls get.

      • Charles

        I think you misunderstood me. I’m agreeing with what cijfer said: “It really annoys me how girls still can’t just be a hero, without being pointed out that they’re girls.”

      • JC

        Actually it does the opposite, it continues the assumption that everybody thinks women are useless.

        And unfortunately even when the heroine does prove herself, she only does it by acting like a man.

        It’s also always a personal quest, she’s not getting the women in her ‘world/community’ anything, just herself. The only thing a princess could want is for all the men to think she’s ‘Brave’.

        Female or not though, what a dull looking film. Awkward/funny useless character gets to fight something and will win against the odds, because they learn to believe in themselves. Maybe the millionth time is the charm (I doubt it).

      • I’ve got cooties

        How many times have we seen stories about a guy who had to overcome being small or nerdy or lower class? No one calls THAT overdone. We all watch it over and over.

        Having to rise above the low expectations others have of you is universally relatable to everyone, and having to overcome the lowered expectations you face for being female is just as valid as any of the others we’ve seen over and over and over.

    • purin

      Well, “You’re a girl! Girls don’t do that!” and having to prove yourself in a man’s world, which provides freedom from the trappings of the woman’s world, is an old, familiar trope, and I kind of rolled my eyes at it in the trailer, but… it’s an old, familiar trope for a reason, and it’s still a very true story in many ways. I suppose it can’t be helped.

      I wonder if one of the reasons I feel the look is a little “off” is the otherworldly stuff that the trailer hints at? Like, this is a world of myth and legend, and thus the characters themselves (or at least the main character) should look that way.

      But I still do want to see it. The trailer might feel a little formulaic (did Pixar hire new trailer people?), but nonetheless I want to know what happens! I’m into this sort of legendary thing!

      One funny thing I have to admit is that whenever I saw a Pixar teaser, I’d kind of go “Really?” and wonder if the movie would pull it off, if I could relate at all to the characters and their designs, if the plot hinted at would be at all interesting… And then I’d see the movie and wonder how I ever questioned it in the first place. I trust there’s something up this movie’s sleeve.

      • bourbonbon

        Haha! I remember seeing the posters/trailer for Finding Nemo and honest-to-goodness scoffing. I think I even said something like “they MUST be running out of ideas”. Boy did I ever eat my words later…

      • DB

        I agree 100% that Pixar does a mystifyingly bad job with its trailers, posters, etc.

        Most recently I thought “Up” looked terrible – but went to it anyway on faith that it would be a lot better than the Pixar promotion indicated.

        This trailer is pretty lame IMHO. It’s very confusing – while its clear ‘girl power’ is the ultimate point, I didn’t get (at least after one viewing) what the story is supposed to be about.

    • Keegan

      It’s set in the olden days, it’s kinda inevitable that she’s not allowed to be a hero.

    • Lib

      Really, some people here are just predisposed to complain. If you have a story set in the Middle Age and want your main character to be a heroine in an Errol Flyn sense, one way or another you are going to have to address the fact that she is female and the obvious problems that this entails.

      Unfortunately it’s the way things were and, to some extent, still are in certain areas. You can’t just throw the character in there, have her do things only men did, and have everyone around her act like nothing odd is happening.

      I don’t remember people complaining about Eowyn in Lord of the Rings or Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. They were wonderful characters and there’s no reason to believe that Brave’s protagonist and her quest will be less interesting.

      • NC

        What you miss though is that Eowyn and Arya’s stories do not revolve around their gender. Based purely on the trailer, which you can’t take too seriously because it is only a trailer, one can assume that the story’s only real focus is her gender. If you’ve read SoIF you’ll see that Arya’s story is just epic and revolves her understanding herself as a human being and not just as a woman. Eowyn’s whole goal wasn’t to prove that as a woman she can do something, her goal simply was to save her kingdom. Yes these stories have gender issues in them but they’re subtle and you’re preached without know you are. When you’re hit over the head with an idea.. well, then this is the reaction you get…

    • DB

      Setting aside something like Shrek which uses its historical context as part of the joke, most (all?) of these modern animated films set in historical times don’t go FAR ENOUGH in portraying the endemic bigotry which heroes/heroines have to overcome.

      This is especially true for female characters, but you can also throw in tales of male ‘commoners’ who rise above the situations of their birth.

      Women had no human rights. Most men had no rights. Children had no rights. A husband could kill his wife or child with a certain (not complete) amount of impunity – a nobleman could kill peasants or serfs living on his property without too much concern either.

      Check out the recent German film “The White Ribbon” for a great presentation of this situation, even though it is set in the early 1900’s it is about the powerful echoes that still remained from feudalistic times.

      The good thing about older Disney films based on fairy tales is they stuck closer to the sources, which were more ‘truthful’ to the realities of the times they are set in.

  • tredlow

    It’s exactly what I expected. Not better nor worse.

  • ooo hoo hoo!! Sign me up!! Im digging the main characters design now that Ive seen it in action and I have a strong feeling that this will much different from ‘Dragon’ in story and tone, and thats what Im really jazzed about: THE STORY….You know what I LOVE about Pixar trailers? They go out of the way to make sure that the story isnt given away! I understand the basic concept but so much of the story is left for us to discover at the movies!! Man, Im gonna watch this a couple more times today. Good stuff….

    One critical note: i WOULD love to see pixar experiment more with different Character design styles in the future, so as to mix it up…..

    • tgentry

      There’s just a bland sameness that’s starting to creep into Pixar’s human characters and is especially prevalent in this one. I think they’re too comfortable or something.

      How to Train Your Dragon’s characters completely outshines this in terms of design and has some much bolder choices and bigger payoffs. Please Pixar, start mixing it up a little. It’s OK to have a “look” I guess, but this is starting to feel kind of boring.

      • Cath

        I agree with you that Pixar is starting to have a “look” for their characters, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. Miyazaki’s characters all have the same design and that doesn’t distract me from enjoying his films. But yes, Pixar does need to be careful that they don’t get too comfortable and get lazy about coming up with character designs they haven’t tried before. i definitely love the way the girl’s hair in “Brave” looks. And oh the way it moves! Will def see this when it comes out.

  • tredlow

    Also, there are no Pizza Planet trucks in old Scotland.

    • I hope they find a way :)

    • I’ve heard reports to the contrary from a reliable source.

      • oo-de-lally

        It is scotland. stonehenge, the hills and highlands. i bet its going to be a stone pizza planet truck. oh and the more i think about it the more it works. people think all the stone work around there is alien. just saying.

      • Stonehenge is not in Scotland. It’s near Salisbury, England.

      • oo-de-lally

        same island

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if a drawing of one is etched into a stone wall.
      That and “A113”.

    • hahhahahaaha Made my night!!!

  • Katella Gate

    So… Mulan in Scotland?

    • SR

      wow what? no.

    • tredlow

      But (hopefully) without a love story.

    • And…

      With dragons.

      • tredlow

        Mulan has a dragon. This doesn’t look like it does.

    • wever

      “The oldest son of every man in town”… oh McLord…

  • snip2354

    Saw the link online just a minute ago and immediately thought, “ninja’d by Cartoon Brew,” and I go here and HEY! WHADDYA KNOW? :D

    I’ll watch it when I’m home tonight.

  • I wonder which way Brenda Chapman was taking it. Looks sweet though-reminds me of How to Train Your Dragon…

  • Steve

    Not sure why, I’m just not excited for this. Trailer seems frenetic and has a butt joke. Queen is ugly. Designs look like a mix between One Man Band and Despereaux. Jokes landed flat. Feels like a Dreamworks film, not a Pixar film. *shrug*

    Hair is awesome though.

    • oo-de-lally

      i was looking forward to this and now all i can think is Cars 3………

      • wever

        …….. how does this make you think of Cars 3?!?

      • oo-de-lally

        i am referring to the quality of jokes, the way they animate the people, and what i can take away from the trailer, what will be the story progression of the film( yes i know its just a trailer) it just seems the same thing is happening here as it did with cars 2, lots of talk and no substance. its a dreamworks calibur film, not a pixar.

    • butt

      yeah the queen is ugly, i hate this movie

    • J.M.Urbina

      True the Teaser had much more class than the trailer, but Hey Pixar and Disney need to sell it. ¨My Kid was scared at the Bear in the teaser¨, so let´s throw a bit of bland humour to sell the fact that this movie also has comedy.

      The joke about the old guy´s huge son was also bad.

    • eron

      in the beginning i love her hair, its amazing, but i think for the whole film it will end up being a huge distraction, its all i look at in some of the shots. for me the coolest thing in the trailer is the horse. lives up too all of the fine animated horses in the past.

      • Nik

        While her hair is impressive, I also agree that it will be a huge distraction. Plus, hair like that would get caught on every bush in the forest — very impractical for a warrior. I really don’t care for the designs of the princess and queen at all.

        Perhaps this trailer is just weak, but the film doesn’t appear to be offering anything new. It appears to be just a standard fantasy-adventure story about a headstrong girl in a man’s world. Yeah, Mulan in Scotland.

        Also, it looks way too much like How to Train Your Dragon and the Scottish accents don’t help.

  • Looks gorgeous, I’m sure it will be great.

    I have to agree with Chris; I would love to see something different from Pixar. Almost every other studio produces films with different technique or style. Sony leads the way with “cloudy with a chance of meatballs”, Ardman does a variety, Disney with “Emporers New Groove”, even Dreamworks with Madagaskar. Pixar has experimented with shorts like “Presto” but I have yet to see a feature with any huge amount of style difference. Their films are amazing, their stories have a lot of heart but I’d love to see something “different” from a studio that pushes the art so much.

    Oh and wouldn’t it be interesting if Pixar did a live action, CG Hybrid…just to show how versataille the studio is. Maybe Chipmunks 4?

    Either way, this film looks great, the mood, animation and designs seem spot on, and I’ll definately be there on opening day. Thanks for posting!

    • Jim

      “Oh and wouldn’t it be interesting if Pixar did a live action, CG Hybrid…just to show how versataille the studio is. Maybe Chipmunks 4?”

      Aren’t they doing the animation for ‘John Carter’?

      • I’m not sure, I heard it’s being done in europe…MPC or DD…

      • Steve

        Pixar has nothing to do with John Carter. The only thing they have in common is Andrew Stanton as a director and Disney as a distributor.

      • Jim

        Okay thanks, for some reason I thought they were involved.

      • Hey, wasn’t Pixar originally supposed to produce Andrew Stanton’s John Carter of Mars movie (either as live-action or animation)? I’m pretty sure the film was announced as a Pixar project in the beginning.

      • Robert McAuliffe

        The technical side is not being handled by Pixar, but the movie’s creative influences are definitely Pixar-linked (Andrew Stanton as director, most of the producers are from Pixar). So calling it “Pixar’s first live action movie” would actually be pretty accurate. I read a quote that it would have been done at Pixar if it weren’t going to be rated PG-13. So, technically, no it’s a Walt Disney Pictures film, not a Pixar film, but in spirit it should be more Pixar than Disney.

    • wever

      DreamWorks has an upcoming film that combines CG characters with their shadows being animated on paper in 2D.

      Sony animated the Smurfs for an otherwise live-action movie.

      Basically, every studio has experimented with this except Pixar! COME ON, PIXAR!

    • Bud

      ” Sony leads the way ”

      Good one! Meatball was a cute kids film, and I’m glad it did ok. But Sony is HARDLY groundbreaking on any level. Especially where the “writing,” “design,” and “effects” are concerned.

      • I gotta disagree. ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ and ‘Surf’s up’ were some strong films. :)

      • Amy

        Surf’s up was awful–and a big flop. Meatballs was a cute diversion–but not much more.

      • Jenos

        I totally agree on Surf’s Up but Meatballs was quick snappy and sincere, alot better then most of the current CG offerings and DEFINITELY better then the Christmas season cash in Cars 2.

  • Jenos

    I just can’t get over Merida’s model…there’s something just not, gelling with it. I mean her hair is AMAZING! But this REALLY feels less like a Pixar and more of a Dreamworks film. It’s not a knock against Dreamworks but that’s how I feel.

    Not to mention nothing in this trailer really WOW’d me, it’s literally Mulan in Scotland as another commentor pointed out.

    Hopefully later trailers do something for me, I’m just not impressed with what I’ve seen here.

    • Im really curious to know..what do people mean when they say that this feels more like a dreamworks film? I truly dont see where thats coming from….

      • Jenos

        It’s not just the somewhat common theme of medieval junks, there’s something in Brave that just echoes back to HTTYD. Similar voices, the somewhat crude jokes.

        When I look at this trailer which I did more then a couple of times, I don’t FEEL the Pixar magic, I feel Dreamworks….which is odd.

  • Hair looks good. Whole medieval era for me overdone (can we not think of new stuff?!?). Looks a bit like Helen of Troy Jr. I can imagine the colour-scripts where that hair sticks out loud and clearly.

    I agree with above sentiment, humour seems more base and Dreamworks-like.

  • Mulan meets How to Train Your Dragon.

    • Optimist

      Or, “A group of some of the best artists working in animation meets the dismissive, premature cynicism of internet punters”?

      • Daniel

        pixar is losing and has lost a lot of it’s “best artists working in animation” because of its hierarchical sexist fraternity caste system they have there.. and a lot of artists are getting fed up with it.. fucile, brenda, doug sweetland, lou romano, boulem..etc

        they are losing a lot of their top talent and it’s showing in this film.. CG animators can’t rely on fucile or boulem to draw/fix their animation problems anymore.. (This is actually a step down from The Incredibles in terms of appeal) And better rigs don’t mean anything if they are not art directed by people who know how to DRAW!

        I could count the number of draftsmen/animators who know what they are doing with my one hand at the studio~

        Pixar needs to value it’s artists not just with compliments and free events, but with competitive salaries!

      • DB

        While Pixar has had great animators over the years, their true edge over their competitors have been great ‘taste’ in visuals and far superior screenplays.

        While I see no falloff in the visual ‘taste’ (so far), they are getting in trouble with falling back on the same narrative tropes over and over.

        I actually think they would do well to make a non-comedic dramatic film that does not rely on a bunch of ‘little guys’ teaming up to defeat a powerful villain.

    • Oh really?


      This is the first female lead in a Pixar movie, and they’ve used the opportunity to create the first Pixar Princess. I’m completely for having a female main character, but why can’t she just be an interesting character in her own right?

      Also we should note that while this movie is trying to give the heartwarming “girls can be just as bold and awesome as guys!” message, the girl apparently still has to be cute. Every male character is funny-looking, but the women still have to be attractive and have the same body type. If Pixar was a bold as they think they are, they would have introduced the first goofy-looking female hero.

  • Dario

    Looking nice, not very surprised, but tired of the jokes like at 01:40. Since The Simpson’s Groundskeeper Willie’s butt until now every time there’s a man with a skirt in animation they make same old clever joke.

  • j*c*t

    Well, this should quiet the the HTTYD commenters. Seeing as the two look NOTHING alike

    • Rick R.

      They don’t? Seems to me they live in the same universe, same voices, same pig headed people largely the same eyes and elasticity of the characters. And before you hit me, I really liked HTTYD and I won’t mind watching this one.

      • Sant Arellano

        The same argument could be made against watching both Seven Samurai and Zatoichi… same aesthetics…

      • j*c*t

        LOL, I almost said the exact same thing. Good to see someone still has a little sense Arellano.

  • I’ve been something of a skeptic since the beginning when I heard that Pixar was going to do a film that was essentially another in a long string of “damsel in an ivory tower yearning for adventure” stories. But if anyone can pull it off, it’s Pixar.

  • Clint H.

    Looks incredible! As I said before, I can’t wait.

  • Braver

    I was very excited about this film from the teasers, I thought it would be darker and more mystical. After seeing this, I’m yawning.

    • Jenos

      That was EXACTLY what I was hoping for too, I was like ‘AHHHHHHHH YEAH!’ I saw this and was like ‘What? So it’s like THAT?’. Granted this is just a trailer and I’m positive that it will be better I hope but this was not a convincing trailer for me. I’m glad Pixar is finally doing a movie with a female lead…but this is just so, well…bland.

      I still hold out hope..not alot of hope.

      • Ditto. Yet another movie of having to overcome your whatever. My interest has declined.

      • wever

        This trailer is probably focusing on the 3 lords, who are pretty much comedy relief. I’m hoping the rest of the film is dark.

      • Jenos

        I hope so, I don’t want it to be grimdark, just a tad more serious…the mood from the teaser was greatly missed in the trailer.

  • Genaro Prieto

    It looks like a new version of Mulan but in Scotland. Pixar is losing the magic. What a shame.

    • Keith

      I’m missing the part where the princess dresses up like a man and adopts a silly deep voice to be able to prove herself in battle, which was one of the major elements of the Mulan story.

  • Law

    It probably doesn’t seem fair to say but the thought “How To Train Your Grizzly Bear” leaped into my mind during the last shot.

    So… does the bear get whacked or is he just misunderstood? :/

    • Baron Lego

      I wonder if the bear gets whacked then the lead character ends up taking care of its offspring, as evidenced by the three cubs in the hut at the 1:43 mark…

      • whippersnapper

        I bet the three bear cubs are Merida’s three little brothers but cursed. The bear might even be a cursed version of her dad, though that one I’m less sure of.

      • That was my thought too about the bear cubs. The strong dad being the bear would be too obvious, my bet is on the mother, hence the conflict between the mother and the daughter. It’s a spoiler-y trailer…

  • J.M.Urbina

    Question for Jerry or whom it may concern:

    I´m a bit of a purist ,and a weirdo to some of my friends…since I refuse to watch Trailers online, I like to experience them on the big screen, any idea on which movie I will be able to find this here trailer?.


    • You will most likely find this trailer with HAPPY FEET TWO (Trailers are often placed with films by your local theatre manager. I recommend asking the manager at your local multiplex).

      • J.M.Urbina

        That´s a great tip, I always thought Trailers only came with a movie from the same distributor or studio, I thought the Muppets would have it since it is also a Disney film.

        I´m not watching Happy Feet Two tho.

      • Most movies do come with an attached trailer that’s required to be played beforehand, but not every single one. For each movie there’s usually a list of trailers that are recommended – the list is usually made up by regional managers of the theater companies (or a particular division) based off of what info they’re given from the studios and then is sent out to all the theaters. Sometimes there are strict requirements – for example, Disney almost always requests a Disney trailer to play right before the movie starts – but sometimes the recommendations are loose. Obviously the trailers are placed according to the type of films they’ll be playing in front of (family films, sci-fi, horror, adult dramas, etc.).

      • wever

        You may not need to see Happy Feet 2 to see the trailer. Trailers are usually paired with those movies that match the target demographic, genre, or tone of the movie they’re seeing, regardless as to which studio produced it.

  • Putting my skeptic’s hat back on (for a moment), wouldn’t it have been a more interesting premise to make Merida the blacksmith’s daughter rather than the Queen’s daughter? Better yet, the daughter of the Queen’s chef? Well-worn ground aside, stories about privileged and powerful people overcoming odds just don’t seem to carry as much punch as poor, powerless people doing the same, don’t you think?

    • Tea Party Nutjob

      ^ Good storytelling has a well-known bias against the 1-pecenters.


  • eldodo

    I swear to god there just have to be some “create trailer” script in editing programs I’ve not been told about (probably including an “a hero will rise” checkbox). Well, blame the zeitgeist.

    It was nice seeing those characters in motion; really looking forward to this.

  • Befuddled

    I honestly can’t decide whether PIxar is getting more and more “Meh,” or if the other studios have finally caught up with them.

    • Jenos

      Or both…Pixar is still a great company and full of talented people. Brave is an experiment, I hope it pays off but I’m not going to put my blinders on and think that Pixar won’t or CAN’T fail.

      We’ll just see.

  • mitten

    I think the film will probably be lots of fun. Despite the foreknowledge that everything Lasseter/Disney does is distilled down to maximize shareholder value. That being said, the trailer is a terrible mess – as far as trailers go. Not to mention (as stated 20+ times before); the film’s design, and feel, and tenor mirror HTTYD. That film worked, we really enjoyed it…it’s stayed with us (as a good film should). And now PIXAR who we really want to root for, is releasing their Antz when we all still feel good about Dreamworks Bugs life. Like I said, the film will probably be lots of fun, and who knows…maybe we’ll leave the theater thinking “how to train your…what?”.

  • girlamator

    Looks pretty good, but I wonder what Brenda’s version would’ve been. I was looking forward to seeing her film.
    I guess we’ll never know.

    • I cant get that thought off my mind too. And I don’t think she has any rights to publish it in other media if the movie continued without her.

  • Jim

    Oh look… people complaining as usual. Make something like this and it’s “too much like How to Train Your Dragon” or “too much like Mulan”. Make something more in the vein of Rango and it’s “too weird and different”.

    You really can’t please everybody can you? I think it looks awesome. It looks like Pixar is “back” (I enjoyed Cars 2 so I don’t think they ever “left” to begin with).

    • J.M.Urbina

      The funny thing is that If BRAVE had come before DRAGON, then people would say DRAGON looks a lot like BRAVE.

      In the same fashion that HBO´S Rome is a rip off of GLADIATOR…:S

    • Dario

      Jim, the people you mention are not always the same people talking you know. The person who complains about this film may not be the very same person who complained about the ones you mentioned.

      From the treatment, from the little jokes I’ve seen so far, that is, almost nothing I can say I’m not very surprised. I don’t feel very intrigued. I don’t know how far away you can go with each film, because I understand it’s really tough, but don’t you feel this is like a dèja vu?

      Is it about the bear, known for old tales in the village and considered dangerous, like a legend? From the little we saw that seems to be the case. If that’s so, then it’s the same old story, even that.

  • TheDoctorJones

    damn. i loved the teaser but this full trailers is a huge disappointment. as many have said, the whole “girl who wants to do what the boys do” storyline has absolutely been done to death. there was a character like that in HTTYD and i doubt anyone’s going to do it better than “Game of Thrones”.

    and i HATE the look/feel of the goofy side characters (the wimpy son, in particular). the look of the people, overall is a let down as well. the characters in The Incredibles had such great style…i’m sad to see Pixar regressing back to the Cabbage Patch doll look.

    i guess, more than anything, the tone is a huge let down. so much more goofy and been-there-done-that than the teaser alluded to. i wasn’t expecting a PG-13 drama, but i was hoping it would lean more adult than this..

    it just looks like another middle-of-the-road Dreamworks flick.

  • I think it’s silly to judge so much from a trailer. Pixar really soared when they picked up the “superhero movie” trope; I’m excited to see what they do with medieval fantasy.

  • Brian Kidd

    Come now, folks. Haven’t we learned by now not to judge a film by its trailer? Trailers bear little-to-no resemblance to a finished film. Yes, Pixar stumbled quite a bit with CARS 2, but they still have a tremendous track record and amazing people working for them. Let’s all wait until we have actually seen the film before jumping all over it.

    • Dario

      You may be right. But many were not wrong when complaining after having watched the trailer of Happy Feet (and part 2) or Madagascar, to name a few.

    • joe

      (not talking about this movie)

      What’s the point of having trailers if you not going to judge the film by it?

      You know, terrible movies do exist, and sometimes people happen to put terrible scenes from the movie in the trailer. They didn’t “come out of nowhere” like some people like to believe. So if you make a trailer with garbage, I’ll expect the film to be garbage.

    • Jenos

      Trailers are supposed to show you what you can expect in a movie, so if the trailer doesn’t do a good job of selling the movie to some people…who’s fault is that?

      Trailers are suppose to give viewers a glimpse, if we the viewer don’t like what we see, we’re suppose to keep quiet and just go see the movie anyway?

      That dog don’t hunt.

  • Lime

    Yes, Pixar, when fans said they wanted a female protagonist, they meant they wanted an entire movie ABOUT being a girl. That’s exactly what they meant. Well done.

  • caineaD


    AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THE GIRL CHARACTER DESIGN (even though i’m not an animator and can’t judge a design objectively) SO STOP WHINING ABOUT IT!!!!!

    • droosan

      As a professional animation artist myself (a modeler, not an ‘animator’ .. but, whatever), I am a bit taken aback by the VAST amount of negativity this trailer has attracted in these comments. o_O

      I very much enjoyed the trailer, I think the characters and environments are amazing, and I’m looking forward more than ever to seeing the movie next year.

      /just my opinion

    • eeteed


      laffs!!! =D

  • dave

    god this looks boring….the design especially….man will someone please do something different….man

    • cjseaton

      Somebody did – it was called Rango. Did you go see it? You can even own it on video if you want :)

  • JMatte

    Never trust a trailer- Never!! Just compare this one with the teaser, and you have TWO entirely different feel.
    Trailers editing can do funny things, hiding complete aspects of a movie.
    Just based on the story synopsis, there are things that were not even glanced at in this trailer: a curse?
    A witch?
    I’m curious to see future trailers or even ones from other countries. I remember liking the Japanese ones for Finding Nemo better than the North American ones. In the meantime, I’m just glad to catch glimpses of it.

    I have to completely agree with J.M. Urbina: if Brave had been out before Dragons, we’d be playing the comparison game in reverse.

    I’ll just make one wild guess: I bet there’s a link between those 3 little bears and those 3 red haired kids.

  • joe

    Ugh. You know, while I’m not usually one to call out the bias the ‘Brew has to certain movies, I feel I have to do it right now; this movie is NOTHING like Mulan or HTTyD. Take a look at the plots of those two movies (a young women who goes in the place of her father in war to keep him from dying, and a teenage viking befriending a dangerous dragon) and compare them to the plot of Brave (a young women who foolishly puts a curse on her villiage) you’ll start to see how ignorant you sound.

    That said, I don’t really care about this movie.

  • Nathan Strum

    Very disappointed at the butt joke. You guys can do better than that. It’s a waste of screen time and talent to put something like that up on the screen, unless your intent is to make people above the age of 12 cringe. Here’s hoping against hope they avoid the obvious “Does a bear poop in the woods” joke.

    • michael

      i thought it was an old guy junk joke.

      a scotsman clad in kilt left a bar one evening fair…

    • spur


      It’s not like PIXAR to EVER make butt jokes!

  • chipper

    I think it looks great. I like how she’s not a carbon copy pretty girl (seriously Disney, move AWAY from the Ariel), and how she seems very cheerful playing with her little brothers.

    But if it DOES fail, I hope people won’t claim it’s because “THEY MADE A FEMALE PROTAGONIST!1”

  • katty

    Oh hey, Pixar’s character acting is still terrible. The characters are animated well, put they keep using the same expressions in other Pixar films.

  • Larry

    It’s not just the tone and look that’s similar to How To Train Your Dragon.

    The story of both: The stoic leader of an ancient Nordic village has a weak/unappreciated child who desires to prove themselves, who ends up messing up and putting the entire village at risk, then saves said village by befriending an animal their people had always feared.

    I don’t have a pony in this fight. I loved HTTYD, and I love Pixar. I’m just shocked that they seem so similar. Guess that’s the risk when these movies take 4-5 years to make…

  • Sean

    “If ye had the chance to watch the same exact movie only with cool dragons instead of a bear…wouldn’t ye?”

    looks really meh.

    but Pixar has surprised me before…

  • johnbigbooteh

    Pixar fan says:

    Wow this looks (fill in the blank). I love the use of (blank) and (blank). Much better then Dreamworks (blank)

    Dreamworks fan says:

    Wow this looks (fill in the blank). I hate the use of (blank) and (blank). Dreamworks (blank) was much better.

  • MissConception

    I have worries about this one. The reason it was made was to please the political correctness police. Not to mention, it doesn’t look so good when you hire a female co-director and then fire her over creative differences. But don’t worry, they are still crediting her. We wouldn’t want Pixar to look sexist, would we?

    *rolls eyes* Whatever. After Cars 2, I have a hard time rooting for Pixar. If it works, that’s great. If it doesn’t, then I guess that’s another Pixar DVD I will not be adding to my wish list.

    • Bud

      “The reason it was made was to please the political correctness police.”

      Of course, you have no PROOF to back that statement up.

  • Vic

    God it must be so despiriting to work on a movie for years and then see it shredded here based on a trailer assembled to hit a marketing goal that may have nothing to do with the actual full feature. Seems fair to comment on look and character design, but a bit premature to try to extrapolate the whole plot from two minutes.

    I looked back on some of the similar mix of comments to the Tangled trailer and found this prescient gem–

    So I’ve seen most of the trailers and I still have no idea what this movie is about or why I should care.

    Is there a villain, if so who/what are they? If the villain is a mystery, then you could at least explain what it is the protagonists are trying to accomplish.

    What exactly does this girl want? Also, if she has a definite personality, it certainly doesn’t come through in the trailer.

    What does the ‘hero’ want besides getting rich (presumably)? Also, could the hero be any more like Alladin? I call the male lead the ‘hero’ because he seems like the only active force in the film. She seems to wait to be rescued and then seems to be dragged along through the rest of the film. Ariel, she is not.

    Beyond personal motivations, what is this film as a whole about? I get nothing beyond “a bunch of stuff happens that we hope you think is either funny or entertaining”

    There is no chance I’ll see this in theatres. I wouldn’t spend the bandwidth to download it either, but I concede that I am not the target audience. And since they didn’t bother to provide anything to interest me in this film, I will simply spent my time and money elsewhere.


    Like – 13 others like this comment

    • wever

      Now you know how people feel working on something for so long and then going online seeing ONE PAGE of comments. Ironic, how one page can crush your spirits for days.

    • Funkybat

      Good point re: snap judgments based on trailers.

      I found the ad campaign for Tangled (including the title) kind of obnoxious and it didn’t do anything to increase my desire to see the film. I of course was still interested in seeing it, primarily to see how well they pulled off the 2D-like 3D and to watch the actual story unfold. I enjoyed it more than I would have guessed if I had gone by the marketing alone.

      I can see where a lot of the criticisms are coming from here, but I honestly didn’t feel any of those things overwhelmingly after watching the trailer. It doesn’t look as dark, moody or mysterious as I expected, but again, it’s just the first *trailer.* I’ve long ago given up on relying on trailers for animated features to give me true impressions of those films, I’ll reserve judgment until I see it in the theater.

    • That was awesome, Vic. Great job on putting it into perspective here. I thought about doing the same thing by going back to check on comments from previous Pixar trailer posts here on CB.

  • Chris

    HTTYD had Vikings(Norway) with Scottish accents. Brave has Scots(Scotland) with Scottish accents.

    Having said that, it’s pretty cool that we all get to enjoy so many awesome animated movies!

  • GW

    It could be better, but looks like a much better film than Toy Story 3 was. That film had some pretty lame characters, the plot took boring turns, and it felt completely unnecessary. I’ll probably see it, it’s the best animated film to come to theaters in a while. Certainly looks better than Paranorman.

  • Neil

    I laughed out loud twice so i’m in . Didn’t see Cars 2 But i will see this.
    Its not being a sequel to something i didn’t like to begin with is a plus point.

  • Yeah..I like it. Pixar trailers have a tendency to surprise. I think there is alot of story that we are not seeing yet. Cant wait to see.

  • Ethan

    I’m not seeing much similarities, I mean this is nothing like HTTYD, unless she rides the bear.

  • Senor Verde

    I am also surprised by the vehement negativity. What did I like? What did I remember?

    I liked how visually deep the images seemed. I feel like there was a ton of dimension and atmosphere, and I liked how the characters moved. For Pixar, I actually think the characters look better than they usually do (humans that is!)

    That said, with total honesty, the trailer didn’t leave a lasting impression, and I did cringe at the kilt joke. So my verdict would be “looks pretty good visually, seems like a typical story, I’ll reserve judgment for a future date.” Getting too bent out of shape based on this trailer seems to hint at a general Pixar hater attitude that rears its head on the ‘Brew forums once in a while.

  • Ethan

    looks beautiful. trailer’s not too good, but hell if mark andrews is directing than this story is going to be beautifully told.

    • Ethan

      Not bashing on Mark Andrews, but I think Brenda Chapman would have done a better job, hopefully the story won’t be as inconsistent as the lighting and character designs.

      (I’m the other Ethan, the unstable and pissy one)

      • NC

        Did everyone just forget that the same thing happened to Jan Pinkava with Ratatouille. Why isn’t anyone crying bloody murder for him?

      • Ethan

        Because we have a lot of information corroborated by some very high profile artists, and also some public information including interviews, about how Lasseter got rid of Brenda Chapman and Chris Sanders off their respective pet projects.

        If you have anything to add about the circumstances of Jan Pinkava being booted out of his own Ratatouille, please share, because all I have right now is his official “no comment”. The rest is conjecture and wild assumptions.

  • John

    Was the new squash and stretch software (technology) developed for Tangled used on this film?

    • diggy

      There was no new squash and stretch software on Tangled. Just good rigs and animation.

      • Daniel

        no, the squash and stretch software used on rapunzel was called glen keane..

  • Sant Arellano

    Merida does not disguises as a man, and I’m sure the horse doesn’t talk, so no… it’s not like Mulan.

    • J.M.Urbina

      The horse in Mulan didn´t talk.
      Maybe you´re mixing up Eddie murphy´s donkey and dragon participations in all this.

      • Sant Arellano

        What I meant is that the animal sidekicks probably don’t talk or aren’t humanized… like the cricket and Mushu in Mulan

    • Tobias

      While the horse doesn’t talk in Mulan, though oddly enough I’m hearing a rumor that John Ratzenberger will be voicing the horse in Brave.

      • snip2354

        He’s the Narrator.

  • i hope there’s lots of songs in it.

    and a cute little sidekick who helps her out.

    and a funny old man who fixes his merds… i mean hixes his birds… i mean Mixes his Words.

    and most of all i hope there’s a strong brave handsome prince, who rescues her and gives her a happy ending.

  • Jeffy Lube

    If this is the bait…I ain’t bitin’.

  • David

    Animation of humans that look like 90’s Disney characters is boring. In 2D they use simple familiar deigns to help the animator draw a faster and better performance. Right? Whats CGI’s excuse? I thought CG was supposed to try to do the things 2D could not.

  • David

    Why do CGI animated movies always have realistic color pallets? The sky is blur the grass is green

  • David

    Not interested in anything from Pixar or Dreamworks Animation or any of them, I’d rather see something else

  • Jorge Garrido

    I would have loved to seen Brenda’s literary fairy tale take on this. It doesn’t feel like it’ll be a personal film, or feel like a Pixar film. I bet it’s going to have tremendous action sequences and sword fights.

    Let’s hope Dreamworks snatches up Brenda and gives her reign over something great. Or maybe she left Dreamworks after Prince of Egypt for acrimonious reasons?


    From this interview it almost sounds as if she’s still at Pixar. Any idea what’s up with that? And what’s up with this film in general in terms of how the movie’s changed from her initial vision?

  • Tobias

    I’m rather torn on this, on one hand I applaud Pixar for having a trailer which really doesn’t give away the story. Though reading up on things, I was able to quickly see the connection of those three bears with the three kids.)

    I like the background and animal designs, but I’m not a fan of the humans. To me they’re bland or just ugly (Not in a good way.)

    I was hoping for a darker film, now if it is darker…then the trailer sure ain’t showing it. At the moment this just ain’t pulling me in.

  • Face

    Looks and sounds so SUPER ordinary.

    A butt joke. Is this really Pixar?

  • Wow…negative comments just keep on piling up. I am not a giant fan of every Pixar movie ever made but I won’t make my judgement until I see the film. And I don’t think its appropriate to compare films before you’ve even seen it. Why do people bring up Mulan so much… Just because there is one strong female character in an animation doesn’t mean everyone is Mulan. And Mulan’s story existed as a poem around the 6th century, so its like saying everything that come after Mulan with the same theme is being a copy cat. Then why don’t people compare Joan of Arc to Mulan as well. ==;; Obviously there are still gender stereotypes in society, therefore it is still an issue that people explore. And those stereotypes works both ways, for male as well as for female. I’ve never seen feminine man protagonist in an animated film before.
    And I know plenty of girls who are not allowed or are expected to do somethings just because they are a girl.

    How to Train your Dragon is cute, and I enjoyed the movie. But it doesn’t mean it stops me from enjoying other movies.

    Man long rant.

  • asmany

    So yeah it s not looking that superstrong in a few ways… but come on, whats the worst thing that can happen? someone else is getting the animated feature this year and not the pixar? now would that be all bad? wouldnt THAT be extraordinary?
    the girl looks and moves awesome anyway.

  • NC

    Forget the gender crap when can we see a REAL action animated movie!?!?!?!? Oh well, at least I still have all 3 seasons of Avatar on dvd and “The Legend of Kora” is coming soon so I guess I’ll just have to wait to see an actual action animated series. Come on Disney!!!

    • Daniel

      Avatar and “The Legend of Kora”? That’s what you call a REAL action animated series? As bad as this trailer is, it is miles ahead of Avatar or The LEgend of Kora!

      • Jenos

        Really? In WHAT way? Not like in sarcastic way but out of honesty.

      • NC

        I guess the rock climbing is kinda action-y…

  • Ryan

    “Feast your eyes.” Indeed.
    In comparison to the beautiful teaser this trailer is a bit underwhelming. Some funny looking & sounding folk, odd shot choices & a cringe worthy gag or two, but I guess they’re using the shots they’ve got. It’s certainly not as bad as the mob here is making it out to be.

    Similarities to other movies? Differences? Isn’t everything akin to something? Anyway, we all HOPE this movie is BRAVE, and we’ll see.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Looking great. Very impressive bear(give him a barrel chest, please Pixar). John Ratzenberger’s obviously the voice of one of the chieftains.

  • david

    poor pixar. down da drain.

  • Eero

    I hope to see the day mainstream animation gets over this compulsive obsession with detailed hair animation, Im sick of looking at high-definition ear hair… actually high definition anything. There’s so many restricting banalities and conventions in contemporary feature animation, you wouldn’t think it so difficult to give some space for ideas or techniques that break them once in awhile…

  • Mic

    This is so NOT the movie I was expecting!!!!

    The teaser gave me high hope.
    Now it looks just like any typical cg films out there.
    Just meh.

    • snip2354

      Have you even seen the character design paintings posted here a few months ago of the 3 lords (the funny-looking characters in this trailer)? You should’ve noticed “comedy relief” written all over that Braveheart-like guy’s tattooed body!

      • Mic

        Yes, I saw them.

        And I was disappointed then too.
        ฺBut I refused to face the reality and lived in my own little dream.

        With this trailer, the reality hits me hard.

  • I agree with most that the trailer is disappointing – it’s not advertising the film I wanted to see. But it should be clear to anyone even remotely film literate, that nearly all these scenes take place in the first 12 minutes, before the adventure really begins. So we still don’t know what we’re getting.

    I’m definitely not engaged by some counter-feminist girl-becomes-boy story though, especially if its transposing modern, middle-class teenage self entitlement onto a historic setting for the umpteenth time. I really hope it isn’t that.

    What I can say objectively though is that I would have liked more fog. I thought they were going at least 10% more Shadow of the Collosus on this one. But they seem to have deliberately toned down the volumetrics again in favour of Pixars signatory deep focus and rainbow colours, which I’ve always felt is a concession. Hopefully all that stuff is on display in the other 90% of the movie.

  • Zach Bellissimo

    Wait wait…where are the dragons???

  • HM, if it’s a proper trailer, it will only show images from the beginning of the film. That could mean that the darkness can still enter the movie at some point. The trailer somehow seems to suggest that.

    I didn’t really care for How To Train Your Dragon, which I found had a very unbelievable setting and an all too formulaic story with way too modern characters, which, like in practically every Dreamworks films, were all of the wisecracking type. I hope Brave will be better, but, indeed, the trailer isn’t too promising…

    However, I suspect that the obligatory wisecracking character disease(a phenomenon that is annoyingly common in American animated films) will not be present in this film, as Pixar has been quite resistent to this trap.

  • Amy

    Trailers are almost always awful-using bits and pieces randomly from the film (whatever’s either finished, or stuff rushed through the pipeline for the trailer–which would explain the unfinished look of so many if the shots. A lot of the animation looks like it’s rough or motion capture–something I never thought Pixar would use. I doubt it’s finished work.

  • J

    I really like the overall look of the film, but the queen looks like a background character from the first Shrek. This trailer disappointed me a little; especially with the kilt joke. But then again, I have found that most trailers for Pixar stories have been unimpressive. I usually just have to trust Pixar and see the film anyway. Only Cars has let me down.

  • Dana T

    When something is set in YE OOLLLLDD SCOTLAND and your main character is a girl you kind of can’t ignore the fact that she’d be getting crap for it. And it’s still relevant to problems women face in other countries. Sorry if these issues are too ‘boring’ for you guys.
    And that’s why I totally felt disconnected with HTTYD, it was a perfect utopian society of Vikings where the men and women are equally badasses. A fun thought, sure, but they didn’t even try to think of what it was like for women in viking days. I mean, hell, at least in Brave everyone speaks with the SAME ACCENT.

    • Ethan

      Cressida Cowell created that world. The presence of dragons is a little hint that it’s not a BBC documentary. She created a world where all the children learn to fight, boys and girls equally, it’s their way of life. I’m not sure where to fit your “She didn’t even try to think about what it’s like to be a woman in her world”, it’s condescending and ignorant. Read some of her interviews, along with the writers/directors of the adaptation, you’ll see they all gave great thoughts to most aspects of that world, including their choice to create a world with that equality.

      The film HTTYD is not a utopian society at all. Hundreds die in an ongoing war that lasted for dozens of generations, being too stubborn to understand they are the invaders, oppressors and racists. How is that utopian?

      The accent was a great metaphor to represent the generation gap, the older accent are for the stubborn adults stuck in the past. The kids have a modern accent, representing the new generation who will end the war. It’s not the mistake, it’s deliberate.

      • CJ

        I do not know about your assertion of accents being metaphorical, but he other aspects I agree on.

        I would also like to point out how a lot of people who are bashing this movie for being “cliche” or too similar to HTTYD seem to know little to nothing about Nordic, Scottish, Celctic, and European societies as a whole. (not saying this about you) :B Would love it if people would actually do a little research before claiming something that is either no present or has a legitimate reason to do so.

    • Ethan


      Scandinavian women had a strong position in society. There were great differences between men and women in the Viking Age, but the Viking women had a stronger position than women elsewhere in Europe at this time. And they had a stronger position then what they gained later, when Christianity was introduced.

      The social position and the work done by women were first and foremost connected with the family and the farm. But women could also have other occupations than those connected with the farm. They could be rune- masters, scalds, priestesses, traders and warriors.

      There were several kinds of female warriors. Some were divine beings, like the valkyries sent by Odin to pick up the warriors that were slain on the battlefield. Others were half divine and half earthly. They were mortal women with supernatural power. We often meet them in the heroic poems as beautiful daughters of kings. Others again are described as just mortal female warriors that dressed and fought as men.

  • Brad Constantine

    No Penguins…I Love It!!

  • As always, I will wait and see. It wasn’t all that long ago that everyone on the CB forum was trashing Tangled.

  • akira

    Ugh… Mulan meets Brother Bear meets Bryce Dallas Howard

    i WISH it was a Pixar How to Train Your Dragon

    i wonder what will be the first Pixar movie to lose money?

  • Gorgilla

    Love all the people getting the vapors over the “butt joke.”

  • James

    The characters in this look really ugly

  • CJ

    Why hey there, Dana! :D

    To the other commenters:

    Although people are tired of the “cliched” female having to fight for her freedom people have to remember that Celtic, Nordic, and Scottish treatment of women varied. In Viking (nordic) tradition women were allowed to battle and procure more masculine ventures. While, if I’m not mistaken, women in Scottish and Celtic belief systems were allowed only feminine ventures. IE, clean and make babies. HHTYD was realistic in its portrayal of Viking women. While Brave will be realistic with the “cliche” since the community is Scot / Celt. Location and tone develops story and purpose; here the sexism is understandable.

    Personally I am excited for this movie. As some people pointed out the trailer is a bad representation of what’s to come, I’m sure. I have a feeling, or at least hope, that this “fairy tale” will be a lot darker than is expected from Disney owned fare.

    Pixar let me down with the entire cars franchise. But hopefully this film will be good.

  • cervantes

    Obviously we have not seen enough of Merida to actually know how she truly “looks”, however did anybody notice how strange she looked at 1:54? Doesn’t even look like the same character.

  • Snagglepuss

    Ahhhh, I hate judging trailers before the movie comes out, but this is one where I’m not immediately hooked, despite the obvious winning nature and personality of the protagonist. Pixar movies always wowed me with their hooks (even Cars 2 hooked me a bit by being in Japan). This one feels like a Disney film from the 90’s. And of course I will see it and love it and have a great time, and I know there are other high concept things in the pipeline… but still… seems imperfect. Should have kept Brenda Chapman on. At least then the imperfect vision would have been pure (like on Cars 2!)

  • Jabberwocky

    I’m definitely looking forward to this. The trailer appears rather bland, with the same kind of “girl wants to be a warrior but is supposed to be a lady” plot… but the scene with the will-o-wisp in the woods and the talk about paying a price intrigues me. I think there is probably a lot more creepy mythology to this movie than the trailer is showing us. What IS the choice she has to make to change her fate, and what IS the price? I want to know.

  • Ross Bollinger

    Get ready for Pixar’s Treasure Planet! This movie looks like your run-of-the-mill showy Disney adventure piece of shit.

  • Eric Harper

    “How to Train your Ovaries”