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New stills from “Brave”

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about seeing an original Pixar film again. Just like old times – no more Cars, no more Mater, no more Toys. The It’s Art blog has scored these new pix from Brave (click here to see them in hi-def) and they look refreshing. I don’t intend to post everything they release from the film, but these images certainly bode well for the studio – and us.

  • anonymous

    Looks Great…the heroine’s hair looks terrific!

  • Any dragons in it? I hope when we get a longer shot it will look different than the Dreamworks film.

    • Optimist

      It looks unique, not like How To Train Your Dragon, but rather very much an artist’s interpretation of a real place, Scotland. Certainly it will look different from any other film to date. But yes, both films do have rocks and cliffs in them and take place in cold climes.

      • And…

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    • J.M.Urbina

      An obvious dumb comment indeed.

      In that same order of ideas Does Gladiator look similar to Hbo’s Rome?

      And I do think How to train your dragon has amazing artwork, but let’s not be so superficial and silly.

    • J.M.Urbina

      It´s not ¨dumb¨ ,that may have been disrespectful on my end. But it is obvious. I highly disagree, where I think How to train your dragon had fantastic artwork and final models, they still try to go more realistic than Nico Marlet´s designs ,with things like big detailed pupils and skin details.

      What really bugs me about the comment is the mean comparison If P I X A R had released that before DREAMWORKS you would be saying Dragon looks like Brave. the end

  • I had already started losing interest in Pixar, but this looks promising.
    The hi-def stills really made me go “Woah.”

  • eldodo

    Aha, I love me some DreamWorks vs. Pixar discussion opportunities!, specially when the firstcomer set quite a tall standard; vikings or highlanders, we’re gonna get some major visual and thematic similarities.

    Seeing those stills, my money is on Brave design-wise. The dragon characters in HTTYD were awesome, but the human characters, while having impressive surfacing work, were a bit lacking in silhouette and weight; also compare the second frame above with any crowd scene in Dragon.

    On a side note, I’m cautious about Pixar tackling this kind of subject; except for exceptional cases such as The Incredibles (which were based on Brad Bird’s ‘animation can do any subject’ paradigm), most of their best works have used animation as an irreplaceable part of both the concept and the execution of the story (less obviously but hardly arguably in Ratatouille or Up than in Toy Story). Will they be able to make a fantasy story about the Scotland Highlands better by doing it with animation?.

    • CentriAnic

      Oh look, different Vikings. Of a totally different nature.

      • Except the characters in Brave are suppose to be Scotsmen. And Scottish isn’t Viking. Norwegian, Swedes, Danes, those are the Vikings. Kind of a big difference between the two cultures.

      • Diana Davis

        You DO know that the “Vikings” and nordic raiders razed, pillaged, and eventually settled all OVER the british isles a Looooooonnnnggggg time before the Romans did the same thing, right? The Highlanders are basically the descendants of the vikings that moved up into the highlands. Hence the flaming hair a la Eric the Red and such.

        You DO know your world history, right?

      • NC

        I don’t think anyone is catching the sarcasm in CentriAnic’s reply.

      • Ergo

        The “oh look” was too subtle.

      • The Picts were in Scotland before the Vikings were… there is some Viking descent in Scotland but much more so from Picts and other Celtic groups

      • Sure, the Vikings were all over Northern Europe. But they didn’t wear tartan kilts and live in the Highlands. It’s a different culture. It’s like calling Asterix the Gaul a Viking.

      • decent as in descent….

        “It’s like calling Asterix the Gaul a Viking.” Exactly! Well said

      • SKent.

        @ Diana Davis. You’ve got it backwards, Romans were in Britain before the Vikings. 400 years before.

  • tomm


  • Richard Kish

    Looks GREAT Jerry! Can’t wait for this one!

  • Dan Kyder

    I love the look of everyone EXCEPT the main character

    What is up with her face? Its like a flat ball with some facial features floating on the front with no texture or shadow or depth to give them any sense of place

    Seriously. the other characters look AWESOME, and yet I can barely look at the girl without feeling a little creeped out

    Is it bad shading in that one frame or something?

  • Looks awesome!

  • But….her eyes!

    They stick out soooo much!

  • Toonio

    I don’t know you but the crazy pothead man looks like Kramer (the one with the blue tattoo) ; Think I’m sold!

    And I’m voting Celtic.

  • Looks gorgeous (and fun).

  • I wish our heroine was uglier.

    The boys, on the other hand, are gloriously so.

    Looks like another promising Dreamworks release!

  • Ju-osh

    I don’t give a poop if Brave has the same geographical and graphical touchstones as How To Train Your Dragon, so long as it shares HTTYD’s wildly abundant warmth, humor and heart.

  • D

    Not going to call it amazing just yet but these stills look promising. I have been very indifferent towards Pixar in recent years as I felt that they were losing their touch and sinking into a certain visual style that was leaving me unimpressed, its good to see that Brave will at least have a style that’s a welcome change of pace from their past films and that for me is reason enough to see it in theatres.

  • Mic

    I like the rendering and the texture and all. But I was expecting the character design to be more serious looking and less cartoony. So I guess to movie is probably gonna be lighter in the tone than I had hoped for as well.

    Still wanna see it. Still more exciting than the same old Pixar style.

  • Isn’t that the Scotsman from Samurai Jack in the second picture?

  • Clint H.

    Looks great! Can’t wait for it….

  • Cath


  • These pictures look pretty cool. I like the design of all the characters except Princess Merida. I just think the face should be longer then it is. One other picky criticism about what I have seen so far in Brave is the lack of contrast between lights and darks. I don’t want to be able to see everything behind the princess. The more shadows they create the more wondrous the environment will be. However, it is a family film and I think Pixar is trying to be extra careful they make a film that doesn’t exclude too much the younger audience (5-8 year olds).

    • Ergo

      …It’s obviously not the finished lighting. Really PAINFULLY obvious.

  • Neville

    Mater is Pixar’s Jar-Jar.

    • Funkybat

      C’mon now, Mater is way more entertaining and somewhat less annoying than Jar-Jar.

  • Daniel

    Loved the preproduction drawings.. but again the cg pipeline drops the ball again…

    1. The arms lack believable structure and feel doll-like

    2. The crowd characters look worse then HTTYD and Tangled

    3: The main character lacks appeal

    4. The lighting on these characters make them look cheap/video gameish

    These stills look unpromising, but hopefully I’m proven wrong when I see the movie!

    • Ergo

      I very much doubt any of those shots show final lighting.

      • Daniel

        … based off the trailer, it does!

    • Well, imo: the design of the main character doesn’t look that bad at all. What would totally give her the lack of appeal is if she were a total unlikeable d*ck in the movie, which I doubt she is in this upcoming movie– I’m sure Pixar knows what they’re doing in terms of character developement and storytelling.

  • akira

    How to Train Your Dragon meets Hunchback of Notre Dame? Ginger Revolution!!!!

  • purin

    Her hair texture kind of has a scribble quality to it. That’s very interesting.

    Something still feels “off” about the look of the movie and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I wonder what it is.

  • Lala_Marin

    I can really dig it.

  • I love the heroine’s frizzy hair.

    Cars 2 should be the last Cars anything from Pixar. Not that I hated the movie, but the franchise is becoming a credible threat to their own reputation.

  • Jason H

    So wonder if there will be a Cars III trailer in front of it?

  • Dario

    I’m very happy to know that Pixar is finally showing something new again. But on the other side, I feel confused this time because I’m not surprised at all by the look of what we’ve seen so far from this film.

  • bourbonbon

    The lighting is really confusing in these stills! Or am I going nuts?

    The first one looks like it’s outside so I can buy it, but I don’t know what’s going on in the second two. Second image looks like they’re inside a building, but where is the light coming from? The lighting makes it look like there’s open sky above them, but if that’s the case, why are there lit candles in the corner? Third image features a dark and stormy sky but it looks like she’s lit from above and slightly behind… and yet her face is also illuminated and apparently not from the blue light in front of her. Maybe there are things offscreen that explain it, but it just feels weird.

    I hope these promotional stills don’t reflect how the final film will look… one of the things I’ve always loved about Pixar films is the very deliberate and atmospheric choices in colors and lighting! It’s a huge part of what makes their movies so effective. :O

  • Confusion

    Not sure if there’s a level of eeriness there that was a concious decision or if it’s just me, but something about the main character’s eyes strikes me as a little unusual. But I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  • Funkybat

    Looks pretty impressive overall, but I’m missing those freckles that were so prominent in a lot of the viz dev art. Was really looking forward to a heavily-freckled heroine!

  • Uli Meyer

    The furniture in the third image looks like it’s from Ikea. Oak veneer.

  • Does anyone take mind to the possibility that what we’re looking at here are CGI render tests and not the actual final finished look of the movie? That could explain the still somewhat game-like, undramatic lighting and the fact that the heroine’s hair – in closeup – seems more like a digitally painted ‘suggestion’ added to an early render then actual rendered hair as in the three tribe man’s still. I could of course be wrong, but that’s what I think to see here.

    • bourbonbon

      That’d make sense to me.

  • joe

    Wow, this DOES look refreshing.

    Except for the main protagonist. There’s something about her design that I flat out don’t like. It doesn’t look like her facial features aren’t that defined and kind of float around on her face. The weird hair doesn’t help either.

  • Deaniac

    The third image (with the king and queen) looked WAYYY too much like How to Train Your Dragon. Otherwise, everything else looks superb.

    I don’t know why so many people have beef against the protagonist’s design. Personally, I think it looks great. Those hair strands must’ve taken an eternity to render…

    • joe

      “I don’t know why so many people have beef against the protagonist’s design.”

      Her face doesn’t look like it’s constructed. It’s an animator thing.

      Have to wait until I see it in movement though to really make that statement.

  • Matt

    *Sigh*… I miss drawings so damn much.

    • Hahahaha Best comment imo. I also need some drawings for the spirit (let’s hope for some nice credits!!)
      I think we’ll have fun with this tho, the baby trio look sweet, I’m liking the blue tattoo guy (judging by it’s original design, I think he’s going to have a small silly role :/) and it’s unbelievable, the “energy light” is not in a black, dark cave!

      Btw, i was watching Bee Movie the other day- even though I’m not a pro-realism, I’m kind of thankful that a 3D company like Pixar evolved using textures– everything in that yellow movie is painfully made of plastic.

      • Ergo

        Indeed, and there’s nothing on the horizon to look forward to. *Sigh*

  • Ethan

    The film should be great, can’t wait to see it.

    First impression is that the light doesn’t fit with the realistic environment. All shadows are low contrast, everything always lit, even outside in the sun, or at night. There’s even candles and sunlight in the same shot where the candles have a similar intensity (WTF?). It’s like they didn’t know if they wanted to go for a more realistic look or not compared to the usual Pixar cartoon look. The cartoonish character designs are clashing with the more realistic ones (or the opposite). It’s like they went half way and backed off inconsistently. They should have chosen one or the other and stay with it.

    And… I wish they put the freckles back!

    • Ergo

      Seriously, does no one know what finished lighting looks like? These are obviously not completed shots.

      • Ethan

        The theatrical trailer’s up. Look at 1:00, 1:11 and 1:29

        How do you like them apples?

  • Matt Sullivan

    I think these look gorgeous. I also think they’re similar to “Dragon” but i don’t care, and I don’t think Pixar’s ripping off Dreamworks.

    For the record, I miss drawings too. But we may never go back to that.

    • joe

      Eh, there’s always hope. While Disney is obviously never going to try it again, other studios may do traditionally animated movies once in a while.

      I hope Brave does well so that we can finally start getting more interesting concepts from Pixar, besides “heartwarming buddy movie.”

  • Rock

    She still looks like Coraline.

  • I am pretty sure the audience won’t be staring at 3 stills for 2 hours….that and i hear Pixar’s lighting department is pretty competent

  • John
  • spur

    I literally lol’ed at the first sight of that old guy in the middle

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I take it that John Ratzenberger’s the voice of one of the 3 guys in the second still.