Pixar Cosplay Pixar Cosplay

Pixar Cosplay

Pixar fans are a breed apart.

(Thanks, Rosa)

  • I am… rather creeped out by this

  • Kartoonz Kritik

    Good effort but Pixar security still won’t let you on the lot.

  • Matthew Koh

    What’s next?

    Red from Red’s Dream?

  • Now let’s see him try to hop through a crowded aisle at a convention in that getup.

  • really?

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  • Looks like a crossover between Toy Story and Silent Hill is in the works.

  • dbenson

    I enjoy John K as much as anybody, but if he has cosplay fans please don’t tell us about it.

  • Fred Sparrman

    I always knew that Luxo animation was mo-capped.

  • “Get a life” has never been more appropriate a remark. It is astonishing the lengths to which the hard-core Pixar devotees will go to show their all out servitude to their perfect god. Sadly, it’s just a company of hard working humans who create cartoons. It is not a religion which will deliver blessings,transcendence, enlightenment, or forgiveness. They do let people go, too. Some are fired; yipee!

    • whippersnapper

      Cool your grits. I don’t think this person is some kind of foaming-at-the-mouth Pixar cultist. They were probably just going for a funny (though admittedly highly impractical) Halloween costume. Outside of the young artists that actually want to work at the place, most regular people aren’t as obsessed with the studio as the commenters on this site make them out to be.

      • Orly

        Wanna bet?

        Actually, it’s a pretty funny costume. If someone hopped across the stage in this in the old Disney Halloween contest it’d be a big hit.

    • “Stop Reading Into It” has never been a more appropriate remark than to this remark.

    • Iritscen

      *looks for thumbs down button, fails to find it, slumps like Luxo Jr. after his ball pops*

  • Was My Face Red

    In a secret dungeon below the Pixar campus Lasseter cries “Release the gimp!”

  • Lucy

    Somewhere, out there right now…. Someone’s life-long dark fetish dream has come to fruition.

  • Welcome to the Internet, where people hate things.

    Personally, I think it’s inspired.

  • Perhaps a free bottle of wine from John’s vineyard and a therapy session.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    I wonder if their date went as the ball?

  • Ergo

    That’s brilliant. Insane, but brilliant.

  • Randy

    And people thought me dressing up as Spock back in 1976 at Star Trek conventions was strange?
    I have been avenged.

  • Ah, yes, harmless, mindless play and it has nothing to do with admiration or devotion to any Pixar ideal or design.

    • Fred Sparrman

      Wow Al, you’ve gone from “all out servitude to their perfect god” to “admiration”. No one would disagree with your latest assessment; it’s the first one that was way over the top.

  • BLT

    Wow, that’s pretty creative. Hopefully he’ll trick’r’treat with friends, because he may never be able to stand up if he falls over in that thing. I remember a Halloween costume as a kid where I dressed up as a robot with cardboard boxes and tubes. Annnnnd… I fell over, and couldn’t get up.

  • dave

    I think this is totally great. The kid digs pixar films and likes the character. And I think if all the haters here created a cool company and some enthusiastic kids where trying to have some fun with one of their prominant characters they would totally be proud of the scope in which their work touches people. Its weird how we can judge people for goofing off in videos like this and as being creepy and then not look back at yourself as the one who projected that feeling upon the video in the first place. So i say look inwards….and cheers to kids being kids.

  • I think it’s Awesome, shows creativity and yeah kinda rings Silent Hill to me as well, but still a great costume. I’d love to see this at the companies halloween party standing next to all the ones wearing blue-jeans and a plaid shirt and saying that’s their “cowboy” costume.