Pixar’s “La Luna” to premiere at LA Shorts Fest

Sadly, Disney and Pixar are limiting their participation at next week’s San Diego Comic Con (they are saving their previews and scoops for the D23 event next month in Anaheim). However, if you are in L.A. and skipping the Con, you have a unique opportunity to see the latest short from Pixar ahead of everyone else.

On Thursday July 21st, the North American premiere of La Luna will screen as part of the opening night program at the LA Shorts Fest. A special presentation of “The Making of Pixar’s La Luna” by its director Enrico Casarosa will take place on Sunday July 24th at 12 noon. The presentation will be “loaded with original artwork and insightful looks into Pixar’s production process”. Casarosa will “discuss the journey that led him to create this very personal short, and demonstrate the singularly artistic style by which the film was crafted”. Tickets go on sale July 14th online, the screenings will take place at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 in West Hollywood. If you aren’t at Comic Con, I’d recommend checking this out.

  • Here’s a link to a short clip. It looks pretty cool.

  • It premiered in Annecy this year already, did it not?
    Saw it there, including two sessions of explanations by Enrico and the technical director.

    Or was that the ‘avant-premiere’?

  • Saw this at Annecy last month – really amazing. One of Pixar’s best shorts – highly recommend seeing it! Great job Enrico!

  • jaktheparrot

    Saw it at Annecy too, complete with Enrico’s awesome, deeply personal presentation. I honestly think it’s one of Pixar’s finest shorts yet. Go see it!

  • I was at the presentation in Annecy too, it’s a lovely film :)

    @ Wouter: I believe they don’t count that as a premiere but more as a preview thing, because it’s part of a presentation.

  • Bill

    D23 was DOA. Pay 75 bucks for the right to buy overpriced merchandise or shell out another 100 bucks per ticket to attend a poorly run, overpriced “expo” to watch Regis Philbin get an award? Really? I would be shocked if this thing still exists in 5 years.

  • Rob

    I really want to like this, and the clip shows its obviously top notch animation, but between what I’ve seen of the basic idea, and maybe the character designs, there’s a very thick student-film vibe to this that I have not been able to shake. (Albeit, a very high quality student film)

    Anyone else getting that? Or am I just being a grouch?

  • cbat628

    I’ve admired Casarosa’s work ever since I saw his travelogue, “The Venice Chronicles.” It’s a good read BTW, and I totally recommend it.

  • Chris Robinson

    You can see it in Ottawa too.