“The Beauty of Pixar” by Leandro Copperfield “The Beauty of Pixar” by Leandro Copperfield

“The Beauty of Pixar” by Leandro Copperfield

This well-edited Pixar tribute by Leandro Copperfield weaves together clips from all of the studio’s movies. “Pixar’s films have always been very important in my life,” he said. “I was 6 years old when I watched Toy Story the first time, and his films made my childhood more happy. So this video is a personal tribute for, in my opinion, the best animation studio of all time.”

(via Kottke)

  • Jabberwocky

    Absolutely gorgeous! Flawless editing, and even the clips made me tear up a little bit. Why are you so awesome, Pixar? <3

  • Vik

    Looks like the video was pulled. Perhaps someone can contact Leandro and offer to host the video.

    • Vik

      The video was deleted off its original hosting site (Vimeo) but it is now on Youtube. It should be safe there as there’s tons of Pixar fanvids on Youtube.

  • Played great for me – WOW! What a blast at 720 – PixART indeed…

  • John

    The Shining and Goodfellas comparisons seamed a little out of place considering those two films aren’t family fare as Pixar is, oh well, nice tribute tho.

  • Very charming. The early clip from UP when the balloons first begin to emerge from behind the house still gives me goosebumps. The first chapter of the video seemed dedicated to that particular sense of wonderment.

    The two side-by-side clips with live-action performances felt a little out of place, though.

  • The next Chuck Workman.

  • As nice as the Pixar and Dreamworks movies are made, there was no movie that gave me the urge to draw the characters.
    In this case I’m happy that I still grew up in a time where they released 2D animated movies in the theatres. Often even before I could see these movies I would try to draw the characters!
    Drawing a CGI-character is to me like drawing something realistic (like a toy or a object), so I prefer the artbooks of the Pixar/Dreamworks movies!=)
    I love these movies but they don’t make me draw! That’s how I feel!;)

    • Ricardo

      Hmmm… Hadn’t thought of that. I think it’s odd and very true at the same time.

    • True indeed..i thought i was the only one feeling that way..one of my best 3d animated films are The Incredibles, Toy Story 3, Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs. Aliens but somehow they don’t inspire me to draw or at least get me giddy enough to draw but by just looking at the covers of their artbooks BAM!! im jazzed up as i will ever be.

      it’s really weird and i can’t explain it..the last 2d movie that really hit me to get back to my drawing board as fast as i can was when i watched Iron Giant. Well i felt compelled to write since i can really relate to the poster’s feelings

  • Now what? We’ve all seen these films & most likely own the DVDs. So, now what do we do?? Continue worshipping until the end of time? WE don’t have 1,000 workers putting in 60-80 hour workweeks, 7 days a week, over 6-7 years per film, with a budget of $100+ million, the ability to do endless re-dos, & access to the world’s talent pool at our finger tips. Who doesn’t love these films? What would be wonderful additionally would be the empowerment of artists everywhere to do their OWN work, manifest their own visions, & delight us. Then, with new studios cropping up, we’d have all kinds of great animation everywhere, not just in Emeryville, Ca. I’ve even heard lectures by Pixar animators who have said exactly that.

    • Gtray64

      I’m certain there are loads of young animation entusiasts out there who are quite inspired by Pixar to produce their own work. Problem is, where is that work going to be seen? If Cartoon Brew has taught me anything, it’s that there’s a ton of great animation drifting around out there that the general public never sees. Where’s the joy in only having your work viewed by select animation die-hards?
      Pixar is the rarest of animals, a commercially successful mainstream studio that allows its creative people free rein. You’d think the rest of Hollywood would take a look at it’s track record (they are, quite literally, the most successful movie studio of all time; they’ve never released a film that didn’t make a profit) and adjust their own business strategies accordingly, but there you go. One must keep plugging away.

  • dug that. nuff said. the couple of live action shots kind of threw me off though, could work without those.

  • That was simply wonderful.
    Thanks for all the great work, Pixar!

  • Ricardo

    Very nice.
    I’d just ditch the zooming in the eyes of Woody in the very last shot before the credits.

  • Luke

    Wow, Pixar and Louis Armstrong, my life is now complete

  • Mike Scibetta

    Great way to start the new year! Thanks Cartoon Brew for your continued fine service, delivering smiles day after day. Watched this video twice with my 2 year old grandson Blase, who shouted out the names of almost every character shown.